Unleash This Summer’s Potential: 10 Tips to Making the Most Out of Your Summer With Your Dog!

Summer is the perfect season to spend some time with your canine companion! With the nice weather and the seemingly endless possibilities, the sky is the limit! But beware: summer will be over in the blink of an eye. Here are ten tips to making the most out of your summer with your furry friend!

This dog knows how to enjoy the summer sunshine!
This dog knows how to enjoy the summer sunshine!

1. Have a Ball Outside — Get out and take your dog for a walk or toss the ball a bit. When we spend time outside, it calms us down and channels our inner Buddha — but the awesome thing is, our outer Buddha gets that nice bronze glow and gets natural vitamin D! It’s great for your bones and will give you a boost when the sun goes down.

2. Chew off the Wires — Remember those days when you could just unplug the phone and everyone would assume you weren’t home? The good old days. You don’t need technology to have fun this summer! Unplug and spend some quality time with your pet. Pesky friends texting you all the time? Use the summer as an excuse switch yourself to vacation mode.

3.  Get Fido in Top Shape — Get some exercise! Go hiking, bike riding, running — anything active! Do something adventurous with your pet! Exercise routines can be boring, but with a furry friend at your side, there is no end to the fun you can have!

4. You Don’t Have to Be Superdog — They’re the “dog” days of summer, not the “cheetah” days — take it easy! Don’t overwork yourself or your pet by going too fast. Slow down and take in the summer with your furry companion.

5. Pal Around with a Playmate — Set up date nights with your friends and their pets! Longer days mean more time so it’s a great time to really go out and have fun!

Summer won't last forever! Get out there with your furry companion!
Summer won’t last forever! Get out there with your furry companion!

6. Find Your Favorite Toy — Read that book or watch that movie you’ve always wanted to while your dog takes a nap! Take a joy ride and stick your head out the window! Go to the beach and make a sand castle with your pup! Summer is the time to do it!

7. Teach Yourself New Tricks — Try something new! An old dog can get stuck in the same rut, so get out and do something outside of your comfort zone with your canine companion! Cook a crazy recipe you found on the Internet, or take your pup to that swanky restaurant you’re not sure whether is pet-friendly or not. Take a risk, take a chance. Who knows, you might wind up somewhere you’ve always wanted to be!

8. Unleash From it All — Have a few vacation days left from work? Use them up! Take the leash off, maybe even the collar, and do whatever your dog and you want! It’s doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you are running free!

9. Reserve Some Quality Time With Your Dog — Wake up earlier spend with just your best canine friend and you. Sit on outside on the deck and breathe in the morning or lay on the couch with your pup after you get off work. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day devoted to loving that special friend!

10. Chill out, Dog — Even in the sultry sunlight, we still stress out about everything! Remember to breathe, and when you feel the stress coming, close your eyes and picture your loyal canine at home. Your dog can be with you wherever you go to make you calm down and relax!

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