Purr-fect Bonding: Show Some Love on International Hug Your Cat Day: May 30th



kitten hug me
Show some love, and join in on International Hug Your Cat Day!



In honor of International Hug Your Cat Day on May 3rd, show your purring buddy some love and give him or her a big cuddle. Sorry dog lovers, but this day is all about our felines. There’s nothing like cozying up to your cat after a long day, but today is extra special because it’s your chance to show them all the love you miss out on showing on a daily basis.


It has been said that in Ancient Egypt, cats were admired for their poise and grace and were even worshipped for these qualities, hence, some Egyptians even named their daughters after cats. In fact, “Mew” and “Meow” were common names back then. This day is the perfect opportunity to put our cats back onto that pedestal that they stood on years ago and thank them for all those nights they comforted us or all those times they came to our aid.


If you need more reasons to participate in International Hug Your Cat Day, here are a few that may inspire you:


1. Hugging is caring: Love fest! It’s important to remember that the more love we show our furry friends, the more we will get in return.



...Um, excuse me, how do I turn this off?
…Um, excuse me, how do I turn this off?



2. Cuddling improves cat health: Like anyone, cats’ moods improve when they receive physical affection. It’s vital that you keep this in mind if you notice that your cat is having a bad day.



"Wow, those hugs really do work"
Wow, those hugs really do work



3. Hugs are good for you too: Just like our cats, hugs can cheer us up too. Positive endorphins are released when we have physical contact, and these endorphins ultimately raise both our spirits and attitudes. Giving your cat a hug today can do wonders for both of you!


4. Strengthen the relationship: What better way to bond and show your love for your kitty than giving them a cuddle? Your relationship with your cat can only blossom through hugs and cuddles, that attention shows the cats that you appreciate and want them around and that may strengthen the bond that you two share. Want to show loving reassurance of your commitment to your cat? Give him or her a hug.



It's also your cat's opportunity to show his or her appreciation of you.
It’s also your cat’s opportunity to show his or her appreciation of you.



5. Free and Fun Therapy: Sometimes when life gets too hectic for you, and life gets too mundane for your cat, a big hug may be just the fix. Hugs can soothe stress and anxiety and may be the perfect therapy for both of you!






6. Happy Kitty, Happy House! Though we assume that feline nature is to be aloof and distant, cats are actually very social beings, and the socialization that you give them teaches them how to act.  Avoiding physical interaction and not showing love may cause the cat to lash out through aggressive behavior. So, hug your cats… for everyone’s sake.



Hug your cat, and avoid cleaning up his aggressive messes. Yikes!
Hug your cat, and avoid cleaning up his aggressive messes. Yikes!



7. Purr-fect Healing: When cats purr, the sonic frequency they produce helps in reducing body pain and accelerating healing, so giving your cat a hug, can actually improve their physical health.



A hug a day keeps the vet away!
A hug a day keeps the vet away!



Enjoy the day and show your little bundle of fur some love and shower him or her with hugs and kisses- Happy Hug Your Cat Day!


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