Honoring The Servicemen, Women & Dogs That Have Fallen For Our Freedom


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Memorial Day Weekend is a time when friends, family, and pets gather for BBQs, strolls on the beach, walks through parks, and street fairs. This weekend take the time to stop, and take a moment to honor all the uniquely giving souls that served our country, died for freedom, and gave their lives so we can continue living ours without fear.
The fallen include servicemen, women and yes, military dogs. Memorial Day Weekend isn’t just about an extra day off work, and relaxing weekend. It’s also about sincerely honoring and respecting those that loved and truly cared about our nation enough to sacrifice life for us.




I grew up in small town Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Every Memorial Day Weekend the community held and still holds the Blossom Day Parade and Festival honoring all that served this great country. I remember standing on North Main Street watching the parade go by and feeling an incredible sense of patriotism and pride in my home town community and country. I recall many dogs with their pet parents and families barking at the parade, too!




I will always carry the sense of patriotism and gratitude I felt growing up for our servicemen, women, and military dogs that served our great country and died. Please take a moment this weekend to honor them, and their families.

God Bless our brave servicemen, women and dogs….

Wendy Diamond


Thought I would share a video of the Chagrin Falls Blossom Time Parade!




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