Puppy Love! Rescue Pets With Remarkable Second Acts

Laura T. Coffey’s book, My Old Dog: Rescue Pets With Remarkable Second Acts, is an uplifting, adorable chronicle of the lives of senior pups who were tragically given up and then given a second chance at a loving home and a new purpose in life. The charming photos that fill the pages will reel in anyone who is a sucker for a little furry face, and the stories behind the images will enrich your outlook as a pet parent. Once this book hits you, you will never be the same. 9136xH9a74L

With photography by Lori Fusaro, My Old Dog follows the stories of old dogs whose second homes provided them with everything from a doting family of elderly nuns to social media superstardom! (The latter is @MarnieTheDog on Instagram: if you haven’t heard of her, you have at least seen her)

The message here is simple and poignant: dogs are our best friends, and the tragedy of their abandonment (intentional or not) is something that should impel us to act, and to help our furry friends in need! Old dogs may be a little ricketier than a newborn pup, but their calmness and loving nature is something that only maturity can bring.

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Championing elderly animals by stressing their high-risk nature while celebrating their exuberance in the face of old age, My Old Dog will have you smiling from ear to ear, and maybe even wanting to rescue an elderly pooch of your own!

It is the perfect mixture of uplifting and enlightening: it’ll have you in a puddle of tears in one second, chuckling and smirking the next. After reading this book, it’s not unlikely that you’ll run into your local animal rescue and drive away with as many elderly animals as your car can chauffeur.

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Take Baby Hope as an example: she’s an elderly rescue who lives the most fabulous life a little old lady can live. Regrettably, aging dogs like Baby Hope are often overlooked for brand spankin’ new puppies! My Old Dog: Rescue Pets With Remarkable Second Acts shines a light on the priceless little oldies with just as much to give.

Good Night Baby Hope!

This book is bursting with reminders of the unconditional love and sweetness that an elderly dog can bring into a home and out of its pet parents, and that, like a fine wine, every pup gets better and better with age.


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