Happy Specially-Abled Pets Day! Be Someone’s Hero Today!

Often times pets are as brave as we are. That is the case with the unbelievable cats, dogs, and other furry family members we recognize and celebrate on May third, otherwise known as National Specially-Abled Pets Day. National Specially-Abled Pets Day encourages us to take a moment and appreciate the hardships these pals overcome, bright-eyed and with tails wagging. Pets with disabilities, or rather physical differences, often have a hard time finding a home. They require more care and vet bills, so many people don’t feel ready to adopt a loving pet who needs more attention.



I can cuddle just as well as anyone else!
I can cuddle just as well as anyone else!



Today is dedicated to all the furry pals who brave disabilities and birth defects daily. Everyday tasks may be harder for them, such as running around in grass, climbing stairs, or even finding their way around the house. But, for these furry troopers, nothing is impossible.



This little piggy went to the market... and this little piggy stole our hearts!
This little piggy went to the market… and this little piggy stole our hearts!



Pets with these special abilities adjust and thrive. Even dogs in canine wheelchairs love to play fetch and run around! Pets with missing or non-functioning limbs strengthen their other muscles and manage to get around just as well as any other dog!


Safety should be at the top of every pet parent’s priority list! There are several things a pet parent could do to make their companion’s life a little easier. For example, a blind pet may need a few gates placed in places where he or she may run into potential danger, such as stairs. Animals missing limbs may benefit from a special wheelchair and ramps to make running around just a little easier!



Now I won't bump my head and get a boo-boo!
Now I won’t bump my head and get a boo-boo!



If you have a soft spot in your heart for specially-abled pets and would like to wake up to a furball of love every morning, consider going to a rescue shelter and asking about their special needs pets up for adoption! Sure, they need a little help getting around, but these underdogs can come out on top! Or check out this website to find a pet in need near you.


A little extra attention and carefulness is not much to ask when you receive full devotion and love in return.



I don't need that much... just your love and caring.
I don’t need that much… just your love and caring.



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