Summer Is Here! Time For A New Twist to Pet Fitness!

Over the last three decades, photographer John Lund has captured some astounding animal antics. He can coerce a dog to skateboard like a pro. He can coax ordinary ducks to become seasoned synchronized swimmers. He’s even captured images of two swimsuit-clad feline sunbathing beauties.  Meanwhile, the rest of us can’t even get our dogs to sit still for a treat.


So how does this animal artist work his magic? Through the wonders of digital imaging, Lund creates humorous scenarios of animals indulging in unusual behaviors. While Lund is the creator of these fanciful images, he is quick to confess that the original ideas are a group effort.

Winner gets Catnip for dinner!

“Our inspiration comes from many areas, life experiences, other photo shoots and just plain hard thinking,” Lund said. “The images are very much a group effort. The ideas are generated by Portal Publications’ Senior Art Director Collette Carter, Peter Stein, and myself.”

Lund has four books that capture the hearts of pet-lovers and elicit more than just a few hearty chuckles. Animal Antics, Animal Wisdom, Animal Talk and Life According to Maude all feature an array of animals hamming it up at the hands of a masterful artist who has an eye for knowing what tickles our funny bones.

If you can’t get enough of Lund’s animal art, be sure to check out his line of “Animal Antics” greeting cards, or visit his website at:

Felines jumping for joy!
This pink Cadillac poodle is ready for a party…
A good sumo wrestle square off to handle bull dog affairs.
Kittens vs. Puppies battling it out for a treaty prize.
A Frisbee feline showing the dogs at the park how it’s done.
A cat’s version of “Gone Fishing”.
These migrating tail feathers are taking a shortcut!































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