The Beauty Is In The Beast – Happy National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day!

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Everyone’s always telling you that beauty shines from the inside out. Well now is the time to celebrate one of the most beautiful breeds out there… and not just based on looks. Bulldogs are not normally seen as your typical style of ‘beauty’, but rather more of ‘The Beast”, yet it’s important to acknowledge that bulldogs ARE beautiful, in ways that are much more important than your traditional attractiveness. So let’s raise a toast for the beauty within! Happy National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day!


Let’s face it: They slobber.



64 Slobbery Goodness


They have wrinkly faces.





And they’re stocky. (Muscles… that’s attractive, right?)



But Bulldogs are known for other characteristics too! Such as:


1)   They’re pretty chill dogs.

Bull dogs are known for being laid back and easy going. So if you need a buddy to loung with on the couch watching your favorite TV show after a long day at work, you may have found your perfect match. Plus, they look absolutely adorable when they sleep.



2)   They’re the ultimate family man… I mean dog.


Bull dogs love families, and they’re great with kids. They’re fiercely loyal to those they love and will be your ultimate companion. Even better? They’ll have no problem treating your other pets as family as well. Now what’s lovely than a loving dog?





3)   They don’t say much; they say a lot.


Bull dogs don’t go around barking over every little thing. There will be no instances of ‘the boy who cried wolf’ with this breed. That way, you know that when your pup has something to say, you should probably listen. Honesty – Another attractive trait, huh?



4)   It doesn’t take them much effort to pretty up.


Bull dogs are a short hair breed, which means the shedding will be minimal, and their coat will be more sleek and smooth than fuzzy and ratty. Good hair – always a bonus.







5)   And they will always be there for you.






Whether you need a good laugh,






Or a hug,






Your bulldog will always have your back… Literally.






So you should have his. These bulldogs are beautiful; inside and out. And everyone can use a little more beauty in his or her life. If you’re looking to get one of these cuddly companions, adopt from a shelter near you. You’ll not only be making a difference in their life, but also in your own. Adopt your very own bulldog today!



I volunteer as tribute!
I volunteer as tribute!



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