Happy Pet PARENTS Day! Show a little extra puppy love!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Pet Owner’s Day? Are you kitten me? We don’t own our pets! We share a bond and treat them with love and respect as they do to us. They comfort us after a bad day, always have a genuine excited reaction when we get home, and make us laugh when it seems like nothing could. We should really call April 19th Pet Parents Day.



Where have you been?? I haven't seen you in like AN HOUR.
Where have you been?? I haven’t seen you in like AN HOUR.



A bond with a pet is like no other we will find with a human. There’s something about not needing to communicate verbally that seems to draw animals and their caretakers together. Anything we need to get across, we do with actions. They are, after all, much more powerful than words.




I love you more than I love naps.
I love you more than I love naps.



A pet is never conniving, nor scheming, nor judgmental. All they want is love, and to be loved in return. So whenever April 19th rolls around, remember how much of a difference pet parents make in the lives of their furry, scaled, feathered, and hairy friends.


We love our humans!
We love our humans!

Today is about you. Even if you don’t necessarily have a pet at home, chances are you mean a whole lot to a pet you know, so consider yourself an honorary pet parent! Take some time to celebrate with your animal friends whom you love so much. Every pet parent knows that their furry friends’ favorite thing is spending a little quality time with their human mommy or daddy.



These are the moments I'll always remember
These are the moments I’ll always remember



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