Roll Over! What It Means When Your Dog Lays On His Back


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You come home from a long day at work only to find your dog asleep, snoring, with all furry fours in the air. You laugh to yourself because it is amusing. Have you ever wondered why he is in that position? Teaching a dog how to roll over is the most classic trick in the book, but what does it mean when he does it on his own? It might be more than just because he is trying to relax. Just like a human, a dog’s  body language is important in communicating what they want or how they feel. Animal Fair Media is here to give you the low down on what your pooch is trying to tell you!



Ruff day…




It’s In Their DNA

It’s no secret that wolves are ancestors to canines, even after years of domestication! Primitive behaviors like howling when a siren blares and rolling over are embedded in their DNA.  In wolf culture, rolling onto the back is to show respect to the leader of the pack. Rolling over also peacefully wards off enemies.



What you lookin’ at?




Safe And Sound

Some pups just like to sleep on their backs because it’s comfortable! They feel at home and secure in their environment. If your dog sleeps on his belly, he is protecting it! In the wild, all animals sleep belly-down just in case they have to get up in a hurry to protect their pack! I wish we could say the same for humans…



SOS: Need a belly rub!




Fur-ball Fear

If your pooch is consistently and repeatedly rolling over, you might have to consult a trainer or behavior specialist! If he responds to a certain stimulus by rolling over, then it could be a sign of phobia! Or, you could just hide the vacuum.



Just leave me here…I’ll be okay.




Stay Away…

If your precious pup seems he is exhibiting some sort of behavior motivated by a phobia, it is best to stay calm. Do not make it worse! Just walk away. Rolling over in fear is like he’s saying, “Please do not touch me…nothing to see here…keep it moving.”



puppies playing
“What are you doing?” “What does it look like I’m doing?”




Pet Me!

However, not all hope is lost! Sometimes, when your funny fur ball rolls on to his back while playing, it might mean the complete opposite. He may just be in the mood for a good belly rub! If your dog trusts you, your hand is going to be tired from all of the belly rubs you will be giving.



Wait, I'm not a dog??
Wait, I’m not a dog??



What you think is your dog asking for a belly rub, may mean something completely different! Pay attention to the signs your dog is giving you so you are one step closer to reading his mind. Don’t we all wish we could read our dog’s mind?

Foster Baby Hope Diamond - loves sleeping on her back!
Foster Baby Hope Diamond – loves sleeping on her back!

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