Traveling To New Heights With Your Furry Friend!


By Dylan Davis

Taking a vacation with your pet requires a few precautions to ensure a safe and fun traveling experience. Remember these tips so your pets can have a tail-wagging fun vacation!

1. Fly the Pet-Friendly Skies! American Airlines and Sherpa have the Guaranteed on Board program. Continental Airlines is also one of the most pet friendly airlines.  Check with your airline before you reserve anything – policies differ for each. Also, make advanced arrangements. Just like Noah’s Ark, only two animals per plane!

2. Check with your veterinarian before taking a long trip. Give your “doggie doctor” all of your necessary travel information, make sure your pet has had the proper vaccinations and make sure your pooch is able to travel. Some dogs may be too old, young, or just not ready, so it may be better for them to be with a dog-sitter.

3.  Sedatives for your pet when flying are a red flag! Ask your veterinarian for the best way to calm them down!  Sedatives + high altitude = danger! The last place you want your pup to get “sick as a dog” is an airplane! Also, bring necessary health documents, proof of vaccinations, etc.



4.  Your pet needs proper ID!  Make sure your name and contact information is on the collar, the crate and anywhere else.  With all the travel commotion, you don’t want little Fido to end up thousands of miles away!

5.  If your pet is traveling in a crate, make sure it feels comfortable and gets used to being inside. Fill it with your pet’s favorite blanket and toys so it feels more like home. Make sure your canine can lie down, sit, stand, rollover and fetch. Well, not the last one.



6.  Check your hotel’s pet rules. Pet Travel is a great website that lists popular hotels and their restrictions and policies.

7.  Bring plenty of water, food and snacks, his or her favorite toys and blanket so they feel comfortable. Make your pooch feel like he or she never left that comfy couch back at home!


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