A Day for the Hogs- Happy National Pig Day!

March 1st marks the day to celebrate the hogs of the world! Mothers have a day; fathers have a day; even donuts have a day, so, why not pigs?! The purpose of National Pig Day is to grant the pig its rightful, though widely unrecognized, place as one of man’s most intelligent and domesticated animals. It is a often disrespected species, so this day is to remind us to love all creatures (especially pigs) no matter if they bark, meow, or oink! Miss Piggy has a day in her honor; I’m sure she’d be happy to hear that.

Events all over the country are held in regard to these pot-belly cutie-pies. In honor of the day, Animal Fair is here to bring you the most adorable pictures of the little oinkers.


I'm with the band...
I’m with the band…


Does this bathing suit make me look fat?
Does this bathing suit make me look fat?


Stick 'em up, partner!
Stick ’em up, partner!


Yes, I'm an actual pig in an actual blanket.
Yes, I’m an actual pig in an actual blanket.


I love rain boots.
I love my rain boots. Don’t judge.


Shhhhh! They think I'm a pig- just go with it.
Shhhhh! They think I’m a pig- just go with it.


As some of the cleanest, affectionate, most intelligent animals on the planet, a pig is nothing but the perfect pet! The people at rescues and sanctuaries like The Pig Placement Network ,  Best Friends Animal Society can help you find a Wilbur of your own. As How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson has taught us all, no one can say no to a teacup pig. You know you’re no exception.


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