Why Does Your Dog Sniff Butt All The Time? Find Out!





Have you ever wondered why your dog has to smell every other dog’s but when taking a walk or at the dog run? Fido is a lot smarter than you think!
The American Chemical Society fine-tuned “Dog Butt Science” and released a new video that reveals exactly what all the stink is about! Your dog is sniffing out important information about the other dogs such as gender, emotional state, diet, and more.



butt sniffing dogs_thumb



A dog’s sense of smell is incredibly sophisticated, actually 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than humans. And you thought your dog was just being nasty when sniffing dog butt every other minute! Nope – just getting a read on the neighborhood dogs.



dog sniffing butt


Check out this video from the American Chemical Society and sniff out all details!



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