In Honor Of Baby Hope – Here Are Health Tips On Animal Congenital Heart Failure

Animal Fair Media’s Baby Hope was diagnosed with congenital heart failure (CHF) in mid 2017. Wendy Diamond and the entire AFM team have been truly saddened by her ongoing condition. She has been a loving pet, and an intricate mascot and champion for animal advocacy throughout the years. CHF is a chronic heart condition that doesn’t pump blood correctly to the heart. Baby is our hound hero and a real trooper. In honor of Baby we are sharing pertinent information on pet congenital heart failure tips, causes, symptoms, and treatments for all our pet parent viewers to check their pets in 2018, and beyond.


Congenital heart failure in animals often mirrors the same reasons why we humans experience heart failure, such as: lack of healthy diet and regular exercise, birth heart defect, injury, heartworms (maybe not a human cause), untreated and undetected infection, and simply the ole’ ticker starts to fail from old age.


Have a heart and keep tabs of your pet’s health and be aware of the following possible indicators of heart failure.

  1. Take note if your pet seems to lack energy and vitality, and gets tired more easily.
  2. Anxiety induced behaviors such as pacing, nervousness, and unable to settle down.
  3. Sudden increase in coughing often when exercising and prior to bedtime.
  4. Weight loss, swollen belly, fainting, lack of oxygen causing tongue and gum color change to bluish gray.

If you recognize any of the above symptoms contact your veterinarian, and request heart tests including: a blood and urine test, EKG, ultrasound, and heartworm antigen test.  


You and your Vet should have a heart-to-heart health conversation about the most advantageous treatment for your pet depending on discovery and details. Some treatments include medications to correct irregular heartbeats, surgery to correct a torn valve or place a pacemaker, limited activity or exercise, and a healthy diet.

We know your pet(s) hold a special place in your heart, and this is why we want to help you keep them heart healthy! Woof-woof!

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