Bringing Home A Puppy For Xmas? 10 Holiday Pet Proofing Tips!




Bringing a new pet home during the holidays can be an exciting and special time for your entire family. But for your new pet the event can be stressful if not done properly. Ease the pressure by following these 10 simple tips when you bring your new pet into your family.

1. Puppy proofing…Look for low wires, small objects, and plants that may be poisonous. Get them out of any space your puppy will be spending time in. To protect chair and furniture legs spray them with a chewing deterrent like Bitter Apple spray.



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2. Make sure you are prepared for your new puppy’s arrival by stocking up on all the supplies you will need. Make sure you have a crate for sleeping and training, a collar, lead, food, toys and of course treats.

3. If you have other pets make sure they are up-to-date on all shots and are in good health before bringing your new dog home. He can pass illnesses on to existing pets if they do not have their vaccinations.




4. Before you take your new dog into your house take him to where he will be going to the bathroom and make him relieve himself. This will ensure no accidents happen if your dog gets too excited and help will with housebreaking later on.

5. Then quietly let him explore his new home at his own pace. He will sniff everything! Let him wander through all the rooms he will be allowed in but keep him out of trouble!

6. A new dog can be very exciting but don’t ignore your existing animals. Respect your current pet’s standing in the house and be sure to give him plenty of praise and play time. Introduce the new puppy and let your pets know it’s a positive addition to the family.



7. The first few nights with your puppy can be a challenge. Most puppies experience separation anxiety from their litter mates and will cry or howl. Try bringing something familiar from his old home to comfort him, such as a blanket or toy.

8. If your puppy does cry or howl don’t go in to comfort him. He will learn making noise is the way to get your attention. Instead, try putting your puppy’s crate in a room where he can hear you breathing or in a room with a loud clock. The sounds will soothe him.



9. Set specific times aside for eating, playing, naps and bathroom trips. Not only will this help prevent accidents but it will give him a sense of security.

10. When bringing any new pet home remember that the new environment can be scary and stressful for the dog. Keep everything you do calm and quiet for the first few days. Try to arrange your pet’s arrival when you can spend a few days home with him.



Animal Fair Media always encourages potential pet parents to adopt from a local shelter! Happy Holidays with your new pup!

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