Dog Grooming 101! Essential tips for grooming safety!

Photo by John Lund


Every pet parent wants their furry friend to look as fabulous as possible, but most of them don’t have a ton of time to spend on their animal’s beauty routine! Luckily, there are hundreds of amazing dog groomers worldwide who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of perfectly coifed pets. While it may seem comparable to a trip to their hairdresser’s, dog groomers have to deal with far more complicated issues – and a lot more hair! – than the average human stylist. Here are our top five reasons why we love groomers, and what they can do for us!

1. Animals don’t like to stay still! It’s incredibly difficult to get a pet to remain calm for the long grooming process, which can include everything from a long bubble bath to a manicure. Because sedatives can be very dangerous for dogs, experienced groomers rely on natural calming techniques like massage, music, and talking with your pet in a soothing tone. It takes a very special person to keep your animal safe and stress-free during a grooming appointment!

2. Dogs have a lot of fur, and every dog’s fur is different. Groomers have to be knowledgeable about how to deal with various kinds of hair, and memorize standard styles for both popular and more exotic breeds. That’s a lot of information! Once they’ve figured out how to deal with the kind of fur your dog has, they have to confront the sheer amount. Many larger dogs have thick, unruly fur that can get very hot in the summer, and giving a pet an attractive buzz cut is no easy task.


3. Not every dog needs to come out looking like a poodle! Some groomers can go overboard with fur dyes, nail polish, and extravagant, fluffy haircuts. Unless you’re in the market for something outrageous, visit a stylish groomer you can trust to keep your pet looking classy, not clownish!

4. Better groomers use better products. Always check to see what products your future groomer uses before you book an appointment. You’ll want to find a salon that stands by high quality, all-natural shampoos, polishes, and other beauty essentials. Chemically-based products can cause irritation or even cancer in your pet, so do your research!

5. Groomers help keep our pets happy! No puppy likes to have matted, messy fur – even if they do love rolling in the mud to get it that way! A clean, well-cared for dog will live a longer, healthier life, so do your part and schedule regular sessions with your dog’s favorite groomer to keep them looking their best. Remember – it’s just as important for your dog to have a great relationship with their stylist as it is for you, so make sure your go-to groomer is someone both you and your animal trust!

If you have an especially great groomer, be sure to show your appreciation. Let them know how much you love their services, and they’ll be sure to give your pup a little extra love on their next visit!

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