Top Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Are you tired of cleaning up mounds of fur off your couch, floor, pillows, clothes, and basically everything? Are you allergic to dander, but still want a dog to call your own? Your seasonal allergies are starting to creep up on you and the last thing you need is a dog that will add to those watery eyes, sneezes, and sniffles. All hope is not lost. There are “hypoallergenic” dog breeds available for adoption. No dog is 100% hypoallergenic, but there are breeds that shed very little fur. From all different sizes and coats, here are our top choices for the breeds with almost non-detectible fur shed.



10. The Maltese




Gentle, loving, and hypoallergenic: this is the perfect combination for a potential dog owner with allergies. They’re small, but pack a punch when strangers are around! Depending how long you want to keep their silky coats, they do require daily brushing to prevent tangling their fur.

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9. The Bichon Frise




This dog comes equipped with a curly double coat. Their active, playful disposition is perfect for any person. This pup is most definitely compatible with allergy sufferers because their shedding is almost nonexistent, so if this hound holds your heart it is time to adopt.

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8. The Dachshund


Dachshund on white background


Also nicknamed “the wiener dog” for their long bodies and short legs, their light shedding causes for a stress-free living environment. Little to no clean up is in order for this breed. They’re small stature also allows them the comfortability to live in smaller spaces, like an apartment!

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7. The Poodle




Coming in a variety of sizes and colors, this breed is a wonderful choice for people suffering from dander allergies. With a Poodle, your nostrils and eyes will be clear and free. Who wouldn’t want that?

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6. The Portuguese Water Dog




What’s interesting about this beautiful breed is that not only are they hypoallergenic, but they’re also waterproof! Bath time must be rough (ruff). With regular grooming and a very active lifestyle, this pooch with thrive with his owner. Plus, President Obama is a proud pet parent to this gorgeous breed!

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5. The Yorkshire Terrier




This breed has light shedding, and also makes a great companion for travel and living. They don’t mind smaller spaces due to their size. Their talkative nature will keep you entertained for hours. Depending on how long you keep their coats, they require daily brushing to prevent mats.

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4. The Border Terrier




These pups are affectionate and highly trainable. Their coats are short, harsh, and dense and may need raking weekly with a stripping knife. They require vigorous exercise, which is great for you or the kids (if you have them)!

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3. The Standard Schnauzer




These dogs do not shed as much as normal canines do, but they do actually require the dead or loose hair to be picked from their bodies twice per year. This is called stripping the coat. This isn’t much maintenance for a lifetime of unconditional love and companionship, especially since this breed is extremely affectionate.

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2. The Shih Tzu




These lion looking pups can be the perfect companion because they easily adapt to people as well as their environment. Their coats shed very minimally, so no cleaning or sneezing! The do not require affection in excess, so if this seems like the breed for you, adopt!

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1. The Italian Greyhound




This slender and graceful breed only requires weekly brushing to keep the fine coat, short and glossy. Their shedding is almost non-existent, and are best suited for adults or families with older children. They are fragile which isn’t ideal for smaller kids.

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Hours of picking fur off your pants and blankets are over! That stuffy nose and those runny eyes are no longer! These dogs are perfect, so which one will you be adopting?


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