We have HOPE! Spay and Neutering without surgery!

In today’s society, there are many unwanted cats and dogs. Many of these animals live on the streets, fending for themselves and many others are simply put to death. 3-5 million cats and dogs die in shelters each year. If there was a way to control their population, then this could be prevented. ACC&D is an organization determined to use nonsurgical means to sterilize cats and dogs. Their website proclaims, “Non-surgical sterilants have enormous potential for curbing pet overpopulation in the U.S. and around the world. Impact may be greatest for unowned animals, such as feral cats and street dogs (which represent an animal welfare and human health crisis in many countries).” Instead of a lengthy surgery, dogs and cats simply will need one injection to spay or neuter them permanently. This way, homeless animals can also be spayed and neutered to prevent over population.

This organization was founded by Drs. Henry Baker, Stephen Boyle, and Brenda Griffin. They recognized the dire need for animal population control in the world, and began this innovative project. The program’s goal is to be a less invasive and less expensive way for pets to get spayed or neutered. Any pet owner who has had their pet get spayed or neutered, knows how uncomfortable their little companion was after the procedure. This project is looking to develop a simple injection so that pets will experience less pain and discomfort, especially pets who have bad reactions to general anesthesia.

Hope for less animals in shelters!



– Faster, more convenient way to sterilize pets & street roamers

-Less painful


-Non invasive

-No anesthesia needed

This is a brand new product, and much research still has to be done. ACC&D gets all its money from individual and corporate donations, so any donation by you would be welcome! This is a noble cause, and you would not only be helping control animal population, but you would also be helping veterinarians provide a faster, more convenient method of contraception as well as help domestic, and roaming animals receive a less painful way of sterilization. Visit the website, and donate today! 

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