Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Montana

doggThe Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary in Montana rescues and shelters disabled animals. Every animal who arrives at the sanctuary gets another chance to have a safe and loving home. Our residents include blind dogs, blind horses, deaf dogs, blind cats, and animals with other neurological and orthopedic disabilities. These animals may have disabilities, they do not consider themselves handicapped. They just want to get on with life and enjoy themselves. Thanks to the support of the sanctuary’s friends, that’s what they get to do here.

Zip Code: 59854

Services Offered: Rolling Dog Ranch takes in disabled dogs, cats and horses. By disabled we mean blind, deaf, blind-and-deaf, three-legged, and with other neurological and orthopedic issues.

Emmy Lou is blind and was rescued from a locked pen, she now loves life at the ranch!
Steve and Alayne, the owners, with blind Lena








Volunteer Information: Volunteer information can be found here.

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