Why You Must Watch the Tony Awards With Your Pup!

_68074528_tonyneilpatrickharrisdogThis awards season, the spotlight’s on all the people that make Broadway the magical place it is. The Tony Awards honor the very best, both on and off stage, when it comes to the theatre. Drama enthusiasts are geeking out everywhere trying to predict the results! Let’s get our four-legged friends excited, too, because dogs also have a spot in the theatrical world! The sun will come out tomorrow… anyone? Well you can bet your bottom dollar that your pooch will be a great TV watching buddy, and here’s why!



"Annie"'s canine sensation, Sandy, is never fully dressed without a smile!
“Annie”‘s canine sensation, Sandy, is never fully dressed without a smile!



The Couch is Alive With the Sound of Meow-sic!

If you need constant support, look no farther than your four-legged best friend! They will always want the same nominees to win as you do. Match made in heaven, huh? You don’t have to feel embarrassed about getting really excited when your all-time favorite musical that you’ve spent many-a-morning singing songs from wins that coveted award. Expect two paws up and tons of kisses for you in celebration!


I’m Hoping it’s Phantom of the Pup-era for the Win!

If you’re one of the people that tends to bet on the outcome of competitions, you know the ruff pain of losing. Unless I’m mistaken and your pup is a Mensa member, he or she probably doesn’t comprehend the concept of gambling, so no worries about losing your money there! Save it up and go see more shows to rave to your pup about when you get home!



Emilia Clarke, star of Broadway's adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany's, holds her feline costar.
Emilia Clarke, star of Broadway’s adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, holds her feline costar.



Blanket Thieves Are a Thing of the Past

Tired of having a cat-burglar tugging at your blankets and causing your feet to feel like arctic zones? Pets are the purrfect critters to snuggle with because their furry coat keeps them warm enough and – get this – you get the ENTIRE blanket to yourself! Unless, of course, you want to share. Oh, don’t be so dramatic!



Tony's host Neil Patrick Harris gets some puppy love on stage!
Tony’s host Neil Patrick Harris gets some puppy love on stage!



Fiddler on the Woof!

Perk up your ears, puppy parents. No human guests means no pressure. It’s your time to shine… Sing all your favorite Broadway songs!! Snuggle up to your pets in your cosiest pajamas and don’t feel the need to look presentable. Throw your hair up and dance around because all the hottest artist are sure to be performing! Your cat or dog would love you unconditionally, even if you sang wayyyy off-pitch or you looked like you just came back from the dead. Not that you do. We’re sure you look furtastic.


And in case you don’t have a pooch to smooch… good news! There are lots of animals in need at your local shelter who would absolutely love to be your awards-show-watching-bud! Adopt and rescue today! Hey, Sandy himself was just a rescue dog, now he’s a star!



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