How To Keep Your Pet Safe When You’re Not Home!

Your pets are a part of your family so you wanting safety for them goes without saying; you want your pets to feel as safe at home as you do. Here are a few tips to keep your pet safe at home and give you peace of mind.

  1. Restrict areas that are unsafe:

Areas that are unsafe are off limits. You want your pet to have ample space but maintain safety. Dr. Linn Buzhardt D.V.M. a Louisiana veterinarian suggests that it is better to keep some areas off limits. “Things that will harm our cats and dogs,” she said “must be left out of reach.”

  1. Remove anything within your pets reach:

You have to remember that your roommate, your pet, has to be able to move around as freely as you do without any danger. Sometimes we don’t even notice that there are various things we have at home that can hurt your pet. “If we remove what is toxic like plants, paint, cleaning chemicals,” said Buzhardt “we can ensure their safety.”  By removing anything that will harm them during play time will also aid in your pets safety as well as moving anything that they can break like glasses, creating a dangerous state for both you and your pet.

  1. Give your pet his/ her own space:

“Animals are at home if they are happy with their own home space,” said Dr. Buzhardt.  Just like you have your spot that you can just unwind, your furry companion needs the same. Create a special, private area that your pet can go to when he/ she want to play, sleep or relax. “Cats are less likely to be confined,” said Buzhardt, “but dogs need more safety, so creating a safe place for them is good.”

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  1. Clean with caution.

We may not even notice, but some of our cleaning products can harm our pets. “Don’t use powder carpet fresheners,” said Dr. Buzhardt. “It will ruin your vacuum not to mention that the pulverized particles can get into your pets nose, causing upper respiratory problems.” Don’t forget to wipe down surfaces frequently as well; an active home with pets can get messy!

Dr. Lynn F. Buzhardt, D.V.M. The Animal Center, Inc. 3987 Highway 19 Zachary, LA 70791 (504) 654-2649


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