Say Treat! Memorial Day Pet Photo Tips!

Memorial Day Dog

Happy Memorial Day! We are so excited to spend this holiday weekend with our furry friends and of course we never want to miss a second of it! Taking pictures of our energetic pets can be difficult at times, but with help from The Pawtographer you can capture the perfect photo!

Here are the Top 5 Tips for an amateur photographer to snap a “perfect” shot of their pet!


1. Know your animal and the environment that it is most comfortable in.

2. Exercise them before you want to photograph them.  Not to the point of them taking a nap, but to just expend some of the nervous energy that they feel when something strange like a camera is stalking them.

3. Figure out your lighting and angles and what you are hoping to capture so that you can position yourself and if need be, light the area.

4. If your animal pet won’t let you take pictures of them, ask a friend. Often our pets see our actions as signals to come. So, if you kneel down to take a photo, that may be a sign to them that you want your pet to come to you.

5. Have fun and snap away.  There is nothing wrong with taking 10 photos to get that one that you will treasure forever.  With the gadgets we all carry these days and the technology advances, it’s always worth snapping the photo.


Photography, gift certificates, giveaways, and donations are just some of the ways The Pawtographer supports and contributes to animal charities. “We try to work with one charity every month, whether it’s a rescue group, therapy group, or service group, by taking portraits of their animals to assist in promoting them.” Using his unique talent to help charities is an important and inspiring aspect for The Pawtographer and his beliefs.

Currently, The Pawtographer has been keeping busy with his TV show production, Pet World Insider, a program that provides the latest inside scoop on news, stories, advice for animals and their owners to live a healthy and informative pet-friendly lifestyle. In addition, he is also working on several projects including his radio show, Pet Life, and author to his new gift book called Life is Pawfect. The book is a collection of his 55 most memorable themed portraits that includes fun facts and valuable knowledge for pet parents.

We all know that a picture can be worth a thousand words. A single portrait has the ability to arouse emotions, treasure a moment, and inspire meaningful ideas. Being a part of capturing these portraits and sharing it with others is an aspect of photography The Pawtographer relishes. The famous animal photographer ensures no critter is unable to be snapped with poise, creativity, and patience. So if you’re in search of that “perfect” portrait of your pet gorilla or prairie dog, put The Pawtographer’s number on speed dial, he won’t let you down!