Celebrities Love Their Animals – Photos By Linda Solomon

Robert Redford and his Palomino ride off into the Sundance sunset…


Linda Solomon is a world renowned and award winning photojournalist. Her unique style of photography encompasses her themes by using natural light, illuminating heart and soul. Some of her more radiant famous subjects include; Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Redford, Tony Bennett, Kim Novac, Dennis Quaid, Maria Shriver and many others. Solomon’s photo essays have been featured, on World News Tonight, CNN, CBS’s The Early Show, Lifetime, and ABC’s Good Morning America. She has the rare distinction of having the first one-woman exhibition show in the history of the New York Friars Club.



As a photojournalist, Solomon’s vision extends beyond the lens and into the real world of animal rescue as well as inspiring children through photography and educational art programs that she has created. Her It’s A Snap program, in cooperation with Kmart, brought one million cameras to children in schools across the country where arts have been eliminated.  Solomon quoted Dr. Sonya Freidman in reference to education and giving back; “Sharing is not just a generous act, its a moral obligation.” Solomon also activity sits on the Board of the Michigan Human Society and is a firm advocate for animal rescue. Along with her husband Barry, they personally rescued their Terrior; Chance and kitty; Ozzie!



Dennis Quaid and his sidekick Terrier, Clyde, ride through the scenic Big Sky!

Dennis Quaid with his sidekick Terrier, Clyde ride through the scenic Big Sky Ranch.


Linda Solomon commented, “I loved shooting Dennis Quaid on his Big Sky Ranch in Montana with his Terrier, Clyde on the saddle with his horse. Having a Terrier, I know they have a mind of their own, and it was so endearing to see little Clyde sitting on the saddle riding!”


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