Don’t Bark Up The Wrong Tree! Pet Tips For Your Garden!


playful pups

The weather is heating up outside and flowers are in full bloom. What better way to enjoy a beautiful day than taking your dog for a healthy walk in the park or playing a rigorous game of catch in the backyard? While most parents take precautions to shield their four-legged pals from the obvious threats such as cars and children on bikes, few are aware of the less obvious dangers and hazards present.



Although they are pretty to look at and provide yummy scents for your dog or cat to sniff, oleander, azalea, and lilies of the valley – if ingested – can cause heart problems. Certain types of lilies are very toxic to curious kitties and can cause kidney failure even in very small amounts. Shamrocks are believed to bring good luck to those who carry them in their pocket, but they contain substances that can also cause kidney failure. Fungi and mushrooms can cause liver damage.



Citronella candles give off an inviting glow and are great at warding off pesky mosquitoes but contain insecticides that can be harmful if swallowed. When hosting a garden or backyard party, be sure to keep your animal away from electrical wiring or string lights. Though the arrangements are pretty to look at, they can pose an electrical hazard to your dog or cat. Use cord covers to keep your pal from chewing on wires. If you have an outdoor pool, supervise your pet’s frolicking and thoroughly clean your dog’s ears to ward off infections.

Spring cute dog grass flower

Gardening is a fun and easy way to plant and grow delicious and crisp fruits and vegetables for you and your pet to enjoy. It is always a good idea to check the contents on packages of fertilizer, as some brands contain herbicides and pesticides that can be harmful to your pet’s digestive tract. Make sure to thoroughly water plants and flower beds so the granules in the fertilizer can be absorbed into the soil.



On especially hot days, be sure to provide your dog with plenty of shade and fresh water. Taking the proper steps to keep your pet safe from natural and unnatural toxins will ensure that both of you enjoy a safe and healthy summer.

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