Furtastic Find – Eco Friendly Catty Stacks Keep Your Cat Purring!

Everyone knows that dogs love to play with lots of toys, but what about man’s other best friend – the cat! There are 95.6 million pet cats in the United States and most of them only get to enjoy some ragged boxes, strings, catnip stuffed mice, and your nice new couch. What’s up with that?

Cats love boxes for the same reason people love their homes, they feel safe. Cats like to have four walls around them to relax and play in. One company, Catty Stacks, have reinvented the box just for cats!


catty stacks


Cat furniture has never been so fun!  The makers of Catty Stacks adore cats and recognized that they prefer the boxes their toys come in over the toys themselves.  Cats love playing, hiding, nesting, stalking, and sleeping in almost any box, so they set out to build the best cat boxes money can buy!

The proprietary Corrugated Ultraboard™ cardboard used is made just for this purpose.  It’s like foldable wood but just as eco-friendly as regular cardboard.  They are recycled, recyclable, and use vegetable-based ink. Catty Stacks secure to each other forming stable structures and can be easily moved and rearranged, helping maintain your cat’s interest, but won’t fall apart. They make it easy to create climbing structures to promote healthy exercise and they’re excellent for multiple cats.  The company’s very fitting slogan is “Because cats LOVE boxes!”

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Now available at your local PetSmart all across the US and CANADA!

To buy Catty Stacks from their website click here!

To buy Catty Stacks from Petsmart click here!

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