Pop Pop Poochy! Popcorn Is Good For Dogs!


Everyone knows that popcorn is popular. Americans consume an average of 51 quarts of  popcorn per person per year, but is that perfect snack perfect to share with dogs? Actually, yes! With some adjustments, popcorn is perfect for sharing with your poodle, pug, or pomeranian!

Is it Healthy?

Popcorn, when properly prepared, is one of the healthiest snacks out there for your best friend! 1 cup of popcorn only has 35 calories; this makes it especially perfect for obese dogs (or pet parents who have a hard time saying no).  It’s simplicity also makes it a good treat compared to normal dog biscuits, which can be full of fats and fillers and are often not an option for gluten intolerant dogs.

How Should it Be Prepared?

Microwavable, bagged popcorn from the store is usually full of oil, salt, sugar, butter, and other flavoring agents, which are no good for your precious pooch (or people); so, when making popcorn to share, air pop plain kernels and keep the flavorings light or just in your bowl. If you do want to share pre prepared popcorn with your dog, though remember to read the ingredients to make sure there is nothing in it that could make your dog sick.

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Anything else?

Even though popcorn is a great treat for your dog, it is a treat! Meal times should always be filled with nutrient rich meals, not empty calories like popcorn (once again this goes for dogs and people).

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