Best Dogs For Lazy People And Couch Potatoes!

cute-dog-on-the-couchOften times, people come across a huge problem: they love dogs, but don’t want the responsibility or time commitment of actually taking care of an animal. However, with the abundance of dog breeds in the world today, there are canines that suit lazy people quite well, giving those less active individuals a fitting companion. Here are some of the best dogs that are suitable for lazy people!

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The Toy or Miniature Poodle is one of the best dogs for dog parents who have little experience, or do not want the big burden that comes with welcoming a new dog into the family. Not only are they small and convenient to carry around or sit on laps while watching television, they are also very easy to groom! Poodles are hypoallergenic, so they don’t irritate those with allergies and they also don’t shed. This combination works perfectly with those who don’t want the burden of constantly vacuuming the house. Because of their size and tameness, they do not require a lot of exercise and thus are content to stay in small living quarters. Poodles are an intelligent breed, meaning they are easy to train and are well-behaved around people.

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The Chihuahua is known for its small size, yet exuberant personality. This dog is among the smallest breeds of canines, so it requires very little exercise or space. It is an ideal pet for either the city or the country. The Chihuahua is easy to train, and does not require a lot of it, thus making it ideal for the lazy pet parent. The Chihuahua is a perfectly content couch potato dog, with a spunky and fun personality. They are also perfect pocket-book dogs, happy to join you in a shopping spree with a view from your bag. Although this pint-sized breed comes in both short haired and long haired, shedding is minimal, so grooming is also an easy task that requires little effort.

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Next, the Pug is a lovely option for those who itch for a dog but don’t want the responsibility. Weighing at most 18 pounds, the Pug is on the smaller side of dog breeds and is therefore easy to have around a smaller area. As the ultimate couch potato, the pug is recommended not to exercise too much because of its thin and compact airway, so long walks and extensive playtime are not necessary. However, they are also great with kids and very playful. In addition, shedding is minimal, and grooming is not necessary because of the Pug’s short coat. If sleeping on the couch is your favorite activity, your Pug will be sure to join you. Just don’t be alarmed by their snoring!

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If you prefer a dog on the larger side, look no further than the Chow Chow. This lion look alike is quite the opposite of an active Jungle King. In fact, he is a gentle, calm, and lazy dog that doesn’t mind relaxing at home with its parents. The Chow Chow does not have a high activity level, and thus does not require large amounts of exercise- just a short walk once a day. The blue-tongued guard dog is a medium to large sized companion weighing in at around 45-60 pounds who is happy to spend the day quietly lounging by your side.

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The Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York:

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Lastly, the most popular dog that suits lazy people are those of the stuffed variety. With soft and carpeted fur that does not smell or shed, these dogs are the easiest to care for because they do not bark, move, or go to the bathroom. In fact, they don’t even require food or water, which gives you one less thing to do! If you are too lazy to take care of a living animal, then the stuffed dog is the best breed for you!

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