Happy Birthday Charles Darwin! #DarwinDay!

Guess who turns 206 today? Yes, that is right- Charles Darwin. Today is International Darwin Day to commemorate the birth of  Charles Darwin, who contributed to the world his groundbreaking Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. Two-hundred years later his theory is still being debated in classrooms, at conventions, and by ordinary people every day. That alone can only underscore the intelligence of this historical, influential figure.

His theory of evolution by natural selection explains that humans developed from primates, which evolved over time through survival of the fittest. Only the most adaptable survived. The strong procreated, and here we are today- a strong human species! However, to prove this theory Darwin spent years researching on a boat called The Beagle (and no, it wasn’t named after the lovable breed of pups!). He realized that the birds he seen on several different islands, were very similar yet different. He saw the same occurrences with certain plants. In the Galapagos Islands is where Darwin made the discovery by use of the finches. Darwin noticed a type of bird called a mockingbird was very similar to the mockingbirds he had seen in South America.

He collected an abundant of specimens while he was away. Some of the specimens he collected were finches from the Galapagos. When Charles got home he asked a bird expert about them and was told instead of being one species, there were 13! Charles thought they were all related to the finches in South America but that they had evolved into many different species.

A Darwin finch
A Darwin finch

He eventually came to the conclusion that these animals were fighting for food, water, and shelter to which the weak perished. The common thread, that was found among the nature around him, made him think. He saw the same differences between human beings and eventually concluding that us homo sapiens evolved from a different species. 

Today, on International Darwin Day, a gene was found that pinpoints a specific gene that gives Darwin’s finches their specific beaks. The gene was named ALX1. This discovery further confirms Darwin’s theories to be true, although it still remains a firm debate. 


Darwin believes that we should love all creatures because that is where we came from! Whether you believe we evolved from primates or otherwise is up for debate, but what is non-negotiable is the fact that we should love all creatures! They all contribute something special to the world, and it should not go unnoticed. 

If you want to help out the Galapagos (where Darwin made his discovery), you can check it out HERE!

If you want to adopt a Galapagos animal you can visit HERE!


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