Feeling the Feng Shui: Designing A Healthy Home For Your Pet

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Practiced in China for thousands of years, Feng Shui (pronounced “feng shway”) is the study of how you arrange your environment to balance and, thus, enhance the quality of your life. Translated literally as “wind” and “water”, feng shui symbolizes the invisible and visible energies (chi) that surround us. Through the use of “cures”, it is possible to banish and adjust energy (sheng chi) to flow freely around and throughout your home.


Pet lovers know that their pets generate positive energy. In addition to the unconditional love they give, animals also improve their owners’ lives by implementing good feng shui. Animals play a large role in Chinese Culture – they are the symbols used in Chinese astrology and are also utilize to indicate the compass directions. By observing places in your home to which your pets continually gravitate, it is possible to identify the areas of your life that need to be worked on. They can also alert you to the areas where the energy has become unhealthy.

If you are sensitive to your pets’ needs, you can also improve the quality of their life. Feng Shui can provide you with the tools necessary to protect your pets from being overworked in transmuting negative energy or overloaded by positive energy. In a balanced environment, both you and your pet will be happier and healthier.

The first step in the improvement is the removal of the clutter. Having things around that no longer please you, are broken, held on to for strictly sentimental reasons, or “just in case,” only serves to suppress energy. Like a tightly closed fist, nothing can get out, but, by the same token, nothing new can enter your life. If you cannot throw things out, then find new homes for them – shelters, friends, family.

Keep things fresh and clean! This includes the items your pets use – in particular, their food and water bowls, bedding and the kitty litter. Microorganisms that thrive in unhealthy conditions can plague your animals as well as you.

In feng shui, protruding corners, open shelves and bookcases are referred to as “poison arrows.” Like knives constantly slicing the environment, they should be softened by placing large plants or hanging a crystal in front of corners and by placing door on shelves or bookcases or having trailing plants draped over the shelves.

Lighting is a very important adjustment, whether in the form of natural light or the use of lamps, candles, mirror, crystals or shiny objects. Poor lighting gives the impression of living in a cave, hampers the flow of chi and suppresses any attempt of maintaining a positive attitude. You and/or your pets can develop a “hermit-like” persona.

Movement – through the use of fountains, multi-colored light bouncing off the prism of a crystal, mobiles, an odd number of fish in an aquarium (nine being the most auspicious number and preferably eight gold and one black), etc – encourages chi to flow smoothly and may also provide mental stimulation. The only  caveat – no fish tanks in the bedroom ever, as they can ne very hazardous to your health when located in a room designed specifically for rest and regeneration.

Sounds can be soothing or invigorating. It can be in the form of Chopin or Jethro Tull coming from a stereo, wind chimes, the gurgling sound of water flowing in a fountain, or even the sound of your cat’s favorite belled mouse. Each of these sounds can provide an avenue for positive energy to be generated.

Intention, considered the most important element of feng shui, reinforces what you are trying to achieve. It is the force that bonds everything together, while pushing things forward. If you want your home to be nurturing and healthy for you and your pet, then you must put that intention into your thoughts and actions.

The greatest gift you can give your pet is to provide them with a loving nurturing and well-planned environment. They are, in their own way, an extension of you. By taking care of yourself and thinking of your home as your sanctuary too, in turn, provide an atmosphere where your pets can develop into supportive, healthy and loving members of your family.

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