Chinese Take-out goes to the dogs! Philippe Restaurant – Bone Appetite!


Chinese Take-out goes to the dogs

Philippe is the Hottest Chinese restaurant on New York City’s posh Upper East Side and across the country! Ever since its grand opening in 2005, Philippe has been the talk of the town and a magnet for NY’s biggest celebrities. Everyone from pop-stars Rihanna and La La, to NBA-star Carmello Anthony, to former President Bill Clinton has been spotted digging into Philippe’s famously imaginative takes on Chinese classics! Today, Philippe is ringing in the New Year (the Chinese New Year, that is) doggie style. The big dog in the kitchen is Phillipe Chow, head chef with three decades of experience under his toque. Chow will be cooking up a variety of special New Year dishes to celebrate the most important holiday on the Chinese Lunar calendar.


Philippe Has gone to the Dogs this Chinese New Year!
Philippe Has gone to the Dogs this Chinese New Year!

And have no fear because dog is definitely not on the menu at this sophisticated New York eatery. On the contrary, if you are looking for a great Chinese restaurant that also caters to furry friends, Phillipe is the perfect place. During the Chinese New Year celebrations, Phillipe will be serving up wonderful treats for your favorite pooch – free! These treats are cleverly shaped like fortune cookies and are conveniently placed in Chinese take-out boxes, so bring each of your dogs a special Chinese New Year doggy bag home!

Animal Fair was pleased to discover that both chef and owner are dog lovers. Stratis Morfogen is so fond of his dog that he brings her to work everyday! He’s the parent to a an adopted a St. Bernard named Beethoven Elizabeth (Beethoven for short). Morfogen’s daughter, Natalie, fell in love with the breed from the film Beethoven and begged her father for a dog just like it.

“Natalie wanted this dog so bad and I told her we weren’t going to get that dog because that dog grows too big. So instead I tried giving her a stuffed St. Bernard.” But knowing he could not keep the act up forever, Morfogen finally relented, and surprised his daughter one day with a puppy St. Bernard hiding in the bathtub. Natalie said, “It was the best gift I’ve ever had!”

Besides walking eight miles everyday to and from work, Morfogen and Beethoven enjoy going to the dog park and hitting the dog walks on weekends. “My favorite place is the dog walk by Carl Schulz Park. She stays there for three hours, and just loves it!”

Beethoven loves the Chinese New Year and she will be spending it with her family, “We are going to do firecrackers off the terrace,” says Morfogen. The restaurant is planning for the New Year, as well! Head chef Phillipe Chow says, “We will be making a special dumpling and special Chinese food.” Some of the special items will be Fat Choy and Jiozai. Fat Choy is a seaweed salad and Jiozai are dumplings filled with a delicious center that ranges from chicken to vegetables. “These are traditional Chinese dishes.” This Chinese New Year, visit Phillipe – it’s a restaurant to wag your tail over!

I must admit Baby loves when I take home the chicken satay–minus the peanut sauce, of course! A New Year’s treat this good only comes once a year!

Hurry up and book as this Chinese hot spot always gets booked up! 

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