Top 10 Dog Breeds for Kids

Are you looking for a perfect pooch to join your family? Often times, families with small kids are hesitant with providing a furry addition to their clan because they fear for the safety of their child or children. How the dog reacts to the children and vice versa are important factors. The question at hand is which breeds of dog are more suitable for a child. Well, have no fear! We are here to save the day.


10. The Bulldog


Bulldogs are the perfect family dog because they are the most easygoing breed you are ever going to encounter. They’re sturdy enough to hang with the kids, and are pretty adaptable to their surroundings. A Bulldog doesn’t need loads of space to roam, as long as he gets to cuddle with you and the kids!

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9. The Collie


Gentle, loving, and protective of their family- what more could you want in a family pet? The Collie will always have your and your children’s backs. Sometimes, they even save lives! Didn’t you watch Lassie?

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8. The Beagle


Charlie Brown’s best friend was a Beagle. If you can’t trust Charlie Brown, then who can you trust? These dogs are sturdy enough to handle children. Their care taking instincts make them ideal for wrangling in the kids at night for bed time. If you don’t mind the maintenance of brushing and bathing frequently, then these dogs may be your top choice.

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7. The Newfoundland


If any dog could be declared a saint, this breed would be first in line. They have a natural love of children and would give all of the kindness and patience that you can give your kids, as a parent. They weren’t dubbed “Nature’s Nannies” for any old reason. They’re huge, but don’t let that fool you. They are the gentlest of giants. These lovable, cuddly fur balls are an ideal addition to any family.

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6. The Vizsla


You’re going to have to adopt an energetic, active dog to keep up with your children. Your son is on the football team, and your daughter plays soccer. Why not get a hound to give your a children a run for their money, literally. Additionally, they’re a loving, quiet, and obedient breed.

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5. Bull Terrier


These dogs are going to ware your kids out! That’s perfect because their nap time is also your nap time. This dog does not mind being manhandled by children, so it could help teach them how to properly relate to a dog.

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4. The Dalmatian

Baby Siena, 6 months old, with a Dalmatian father and pup

Adopting 101 Dalmatians may seem a little ridiculous- and it is. But, you can adopt only one (maybe two) and you’re good to go! These dogs love to run around and play all day to keep the kids active. If your home has horses around, then even better. Dalmatians have a symbiotic relationship with them.

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3. The Irish Setter


Irish Setters love large spaces to run around in, so a big back yard is a major plus! They are wonderful with children, but a down side is that their life expectancy relatively short compared to other larger dogs. This might be a helpful life lesson for the kids. Other than that, Irish Setters are great for children.

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2. The Poodle


If you’re thinking about adopting a poodle, it is advised that you go for the standard size. Any type of toy-sized pup may be handled like a toy by your child. Any dog of this stature is fragile, which isn’t ideal for a child in his or her “terrible two’s.” They’re energetic and do not shed as much as other breeds, which is awesome because that means you do not have to constantly clean up all of that fur.

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1. The Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dog out there. They’re playful, protective, loving, energetic, and love to show off a good trick or two. What else could you want in a dog?

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Now that you’ve chosen the perfect breed to adopt, get together in front of the television and watch 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, or Lassie!


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