The More, the Meow-ier! The Pros and Cons of Multiple Pets


Let’s be real here, if we could, a lot of us would be that crazy cat/dog parent on the block. One pet can bring so much joy and richness to your life, so it only makes sense to adopt multiple, right? Well, there certainly are many benefits to having little four-legged critters at our home, but with so many pals comes responsibility.

cute puppies


Animals have joined paws with their human companions almost since the dawn of civilization, and they’ve stayed by our side ever since. They’re our best friends, but just like we have fellow human companions, pets also love the company of their own kind. In many ways, having multiple pets can be a really enriching experience…



Partners in crime
Partners in crime



So what are the advantages?


1. Double the pets, double the trouble. Or so we would think. Pets, dogs especially, are more likely to go sniffing around and find things to stick their little noses into when they’re left alone. If there is a fellow four-legged buddy around, both pals can keep each other entertained and hopefully away from mischief!



...the goldfish did it.
…the goldfish did it.



2. Multiple pets will mean more adventures and walks around the neighborhood, so both you and your buddies can socialize and get your share of exercise. Taking dogs out for a little bit of play time or even to run errands often adds a dimension of fun to an otherwise boring day. Show off your best friends!



3. Kids learn a lot from growing up with pets. By giving kids simple tasks like brushing the animals, keeping their water filled, or even feeding them, you are enabling a bond to form between the child and the pets. Besides that, kids become more responsible and eager to report to duty!



She wanted to go to the playground, and I wanted to guard my sidewalk territory. We compromised.
She wanted to go to the playground, and I wanted to guard my sidewalk territory. We compromised.



4. If you or your family go on vacation without a certain furry somebody, they can get sad and lonely. Kennels are sometimes a good option, but without knowing anyone there, your pet might feel a little bit anxious or scared. By having multiple pets, they can serve as a stress reliever for the other, so you won’t have to worry about your pals getting too lonely. Everybody needs somebody! And finally….



5. More love to go around! Pets have a way of making us feel special and wanted and even on the longest, most tiring days, seeing our animals run to us with emphatically wagging tails and excited yips manages to put a smile on our faces. If you like to snuggle up with your buddy, then you can have a cuddle party with all your animals! Physical affection increases our emotional connections with our animals, and, honestly, who wouldn’t want a lot of pups and cats available to snuggle up to all the time?? All the loving we get from our pets has been shown to improve our health and theirs. More pets means more puppy lovin’!



Slumber Party!!



“Why on Earth would I not want more pets?!”, you might ask. Well….


1. Pets come with several costs. You’d need to pay for quality food, regular veterinary care, and possibly the additional costs of whatever your pet chews up in their early months. Ruh-roh! The good news is that when you buy in bulk, you save money! You can get a lot of bang out of your buck with food, especially. Be sure to establish an eating routine that assures that both animals will be happy and not get territorial. Each pet should have their own distinguishable bowl and enough space to eat undisturbed! What happens if your pets have different dietary needs? Consult your trusted veterinarian and ask what kind of food they will need. It’s so important to tend to your buddies’ individual needs!

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2. Besides that, pets need attention. Sure, everyone does, and it’s a fun job, right? Of course it’s fun! But time should be set aside for training and one-on-one time with each animal. Pets living with a buddy might feed off of each other’s bad habits, so training in a multi-animal household is essential!!


3. Not all pets get along. This is such an important thing to remember, because if one animal feels threatened or scared of the other one, it can cause a stressful home environment instead of a safe, loving one. Make sure to research how different breeds and species get along with each other. Be sure to take your existing pet’s needs into account, too!! (Tip: Animals of the opposite sex get along with each other more easily!)



I like you. I think I'll keep you.
I like you. I think I’ll keep you.



4. More warm welcomes into your home also means, unfortunately, more goodbyes. Keep in mind that no pet lives forever. There may eventually be double the heartbreak, but while your pets are with you, you will experience double the love.

Sad dog1

Whether or not to bring a new best friend or two into your home is a personal choice, and depends entirely on your individual situation. There are lots of purr-fectly sweet animals that want a home, but even so, there are always plenty of things to take into consideration. Pets are, put simply, quite an investment of your time and money. But if you’re lucky enough to feel ready for a new pal, go out and adopt one! You’ll get a lifetime supply of fuzzy memories and poochie smooching love in return!


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