How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs…

There are more than 68 million dogs in the United States alone, and half of these pups belong to men. And because men identify with their pets, the secret to sniffing out Mr. Right may be…his pooch. Find out! The Editorial Director of Animal Fair, a lifestyle media company for animal lovers, shares her own insights, amusing experiences, and extensive research on the subject with eager women (and men:) everywhere.

By Wendy DiamondUsing 32 different breeds of male as examples, she explores the link between human and canine, and the personality traits they share. Will an Irish Setter man always head to the pub? Can you successfully stay in the race with Mr. Greyhound? Are Rottweiler men really dangerous? So many questions, so few answers…until now.

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Men not to worry Wendy also penned the purrfect book for you…How to Understand Women Through Their Cats 🙂 MEOW!

Josh Duhmel and Dog

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