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Papageno Pops a Wheelie for Therapy

Papageno sits on Gabrielle Korker’s lap as she wheels him into nursing homes where the two meet elderly who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

“Papageno came into her life and gave her the inspiration to create something wonderful,” according to  Puppies on Wheels co-authors  Gabrielle Korker and her mom, Janet. It tells the true story of Gabrielle and Papageno’s journey to Alzheimer’s nursing homes. Gabrielle Korker also takes Papageno and Puppies on Wheels to children’s reading programs. The magical tail teaches children about different disabilities, including why some grandparents lose their memory and why Gabrielle herself is in a wheelchair. A must read for any child old enough to ride a tricycle!


Papageno first wagged his way into Gabrielle Korker’s life after she went under the knife for countless surgeries  and spent time in hospitals and the Ronald McDonald House. She was introduced to dog therapy and decided to make it her mission to help others the way Papageno helped her.

“It was also a comfort to me and my family,” said Gabrielle. “Therefore when Papageno came into my life, I began my quest to dog therapy. ‘Puppies On Wheels’ became my way to make a difference.”

Gabrielle Korker, who lives in New Jersey, was born a micro-premature baby, weighing only 1 lb 14 ounces. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy before her first birthday and has trouble sitting, walking and performing other daily living skills on her own. Despite her limitations, including ongoing health issues, she dedicates her time to helping others heal through dog therapy.

“Helping those in need, one paw at a time,” exclaimed Gabrielle at our wedding benefit at the Jumeirah Essex House.

Gabrielle Korker and Papageno surprise us at Baby Hope’s wedding!

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