Bone Voyage! Here’s What to Do When You Take Your Pooch to Paris!

Ah, the classic dream: sipping on coffee or wine at a twinkling corner restaurant with your ballet flats and striped shirt complementing your beret and the best croissant you’ve ever had in your hand… and your very best friend by your side. That’s right, we mean PARIS!


Who doesn’t want to go to Paris? It’s the city of lights and romance and beautiful – albeit not always polite – people. What better place to explore with your pooch? The city has gone to the dogs… literally. Don’t worry; It’s still as beautiful as ever. We just mean that more and more hotels, restaurants, and public areas are becoming dog friendly!



Je suis beau!
Je suis beau!



Take a walk along the Seine à la Française, why don’t you? Pups are always in style. Although Paris has mastered the culinary arts, theatre, painting, and sculpting… the one thing they famously struggle with is the art of picking up after their pooches! Because of this (and perhaps other reasons as well) puppy parents have to follow certain rules when they are out with their four-leggers, including where they can and can’t go.


The general attitude among Parisians is “that rule does not apply to me or my fabulous dog”, but if you want to be a courteous guest in this magnificent city, we would advise that you always inquire whether or not your destination of the day is pet-friendly. We’ll get you started with a few tips…



Joie de vivre!
Joie de vivre!



While in Paris, you’ll probably want to be living in style, and so will your pooch! Stay at the Le Bristol and you won’t have to worry about rude people being intolerant of your best friend. Fa-raon, the hotel’s beautiful cat, greets guests and their smaller, furrier friends upon arrival. Even more, the hotel boasts that there is a special welcome in store for the four-legged guests. Ooh la la!

Le Meurice is an especially pet-friendly place; it has special pet care packages and customized water bowls upon request. The staff is happy to take your pooch for a stroll, too! This luxurious hotel is famous for its dinners that last from 8pm until 8am the next morning! And what’s more is the dining room is the picture of grandeur. Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí was a regular at this hotel, and he was always well accommodated. His pet ocelots were famously fond of the carpets, and their artistic parent once asked the hotel to bring him a herd of sheep to his room (they did it, too!).



VIP - Very Important Pooch!
VIP  (Very Important Pooch) lounging at Le Meurice!!



For those on a tighter budget, try the Cecil Hotel Montparnasse. Located in a nice, quiet part of the big city, this hotel is just a short walk from lots of theatres, cafés, and boulangeries. Grab your leash and head on out! In the morning feel free to enjoy a nice, sunny breakfast in the garden with your best bud. Ahhh, l’art de vivre!

Once you’ve gotten yourself comfortable and over the jetlag, you simply must visit the historic sites and parks. The  Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne are puppy oasis’, as they are one of the few off-leash destinations for dogs to run around and smell the scent of baguettes and eau de parfum in the air on the weekends. Besides those parks, there are other spots for your pooch and the other 150,000 Parisian dogs to wag their tails about. If you’ve been dying to visit the Luxembourg Gardens, for example, you’re in luck! There is a special area for dogs, as is the case with Parc Andre Citron and the Versailles Park. The Champ de Mars, the grassy area below and right near the Eiffel Tower, has a spot on the Eastern side that is a popular spot for pooches and their parents to roam off-leash.  And you didn’t hear it from us, but a little birdy said that park guards and maintenance tend to turn a blind eye to well behaved, happy pooches running around almost anywhere.

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, then Laduree might be the spot for you! Paris is extremely dog-friendly, allowing off-leash canines of almost any size to dine in cafes and restaurants, with their owners. They offer an assortment of classic French desserts including ice cream, chocolates, and other pastries. However, they’re most famous for their macaroon. You can even sit in one of their tea rooms while you snack on Parisian pastries! They allow dogs of all kinds on the premises, which makes sense because face of their brand is a dog!

Can we come here tomorrow too?


Can I mark that big  thing as my territory?
Can I mark that big thing as my territory?



But how do you get there? The metro is a very common way of getting around the city; even dogs use it! You’re supposed to only take small dogs in enclosed bags, but many people just take their buddy on a leash alongside them. The RER and other trains require you to buy a discounted ticket for your pooch since he is a family member, too. Unless you have a tiny little four-legged friend, you’re better off not taking the bus! Of course, you can always grab the leash and walk places! It’s Paris, mes amis, there’s magic around every corner.


Your pup and you will probably be exhausted after all that playing around, so go grab something to eat! Keep in mind that not all French food is good for your dogs, but once you find something for Fido, walk on in! Grab a sorbet after admiring the iconic architecture at Berthillon, or get brunch at Ile-de-France after strolling to the Eiffel Tower! Dogs are en vogue in Paris, and very few times will a restaurant not allow pups to join their parents, especially if you’re in an outdoor area. But, please, be courteous and if you see a “no dogs” sign or hear “excusez-moi” coming from a (probably mustached) man in a suit, take your pup elsewhere!!






It’s important to have good canine etiquette in Paris, but that shouldn’t be hard for such a dog-loving place! If you’re planning on going to the city of lights, do take your pooch and you’ll get plenty of oohs, ahhs and ooh la las from Parisians admiring how well-behaved your furry friend is and how knowledgeable you are about dog-friendly places. You may have thought that Paris is simply too busy and difficult to manage with a dog, but au contraire, it really is the perfect getaway for you both! Bon voyage!


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