Allergy Season Is Ruff – Pets And Their Humans Can Get Relief


cute puppy running spring dog

Pets suffer from allergies too!  Her are some tips to help make this allergy season {and every season} sneeze-free for the pets and their humans.

  1. Mutt Makeover Time! Tame allergens by bathing pets, removing the allergens that accumulate in fur.  Be careful not to bathe too often as frequent bathing can dry out your pet’s coat and ask your vet or groomer for the safest product(s) for your specific pet.imgres
  2. Who Knew? Dogs often get “atopy”, where they inhale allergens that cause excessively itchy skin, known as pruritis.  Medications and immunotherapy (de-sensitizing shots) can let you and your pet live with less scratching, dander, and obviously allergy reactions!what-to-do-if-my-pet-has-fleas
  3. Don’t Smell The … Although your garden may be gorgeous to look at and fun for your dog or cat to sniff, certain flowers and plants such as oleander, azales, and lilies of the valley, if ingested by pets can be toxic.  Research before planting.puppy-sniffing-flowers
  4. No Pet Zone. If you do have pet allergies, keep pets out of at least one room, preferably the bedroom (easier said than done, training and treats will help here).  Use hypoallergenic fabrics (materials), allergen removing central air  in your “no pet zone”.


women sneezing from pet allergies
Pet allergies can be controlled!

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