Tips On How To Create A Pet-Friendly Home!

How to create a Pet Friendly Home!
How to create a Pet Friendly Home!


Your pet isn’t just a furry four-legged animal that hangs out in your house.  They’re part of the family and it’s important to make sure your home is a safe and comfortable place to be.  It’s easy to customize every room in your home for your pet that will protect them from potentially health causing dangers that won’t cramp your personal style.  From specialty sheets to picking the right plants to keep in your home, these easy and affordable tips will make you the envy of every pet parent on the block.


  1. In The Bedroom:  You may have the best dog bed on the block for your canine to sleep half the day away, but sometimes Fido won’t settle for anything less than your sleeping spot for a little R&R.  When they hop up on your bed to feel like part of the pack, make sure your bed is fitted with sheets.  They work against asthma and allergy causing dust, mold and mildew to keep your pet’s sensitive skin safe from irritation and their airways clear!  Your pet will stay healthy and happy while getting some shut eye.
  2. In the Bathroom:  Going to the bathroom in a box isn’t something your pet wants to do all the time.  You can make it a nicer experience for your pet when you’re going away from home by investing in a Pet a Potty!  It alleviates the stress and worry of making sure your pet has a potty friendly place in your home!  Choose from mini to extra large sizes or sod grass to make your doggy feel like they are out for a walk in the park!The_Pet_Patch
  3. In the Bathroom: Breeze Litter Box. When choosing a litter box for your favorite fur ball, no cat friendly home is complete without a Breeze Litter Box! The handy dandy odor repelling, track free potty for your kitty will keep pet smells away and your home spic and span! No use worrying about constant clean up either! Breeze cat pads will absorb urine odor for up to a week!  How’s that for easy, fast and staying totally on top of the care of your cat?!g
  4. In the Living Room: Sure Fit Pet Covers.  After a long day of play, your pet might retire to your couch for cuddle time.  No pet parent wants anything to come between their special bond with their animal.  When fur and dander builds up on your favorite furniture it can be a messy and not-so-nice place to have quality time with your favorite furry friend.  To keep your furniture fresh and looking new, throw on a Sure Fit pet cover!  These fit-any-size couch covers come in a variety of colors and sizes that match any indoor decor.  Durable enough to wash and easy on your pocket book you’ll never be burdened with ouch cleaning again!f
  5. Home Decor: Pet Safe Plants. Dogs and cats love to chew and get into trouble if they take a bite out of a toxic plant!  Keep your kitty and pup safe by investing in animal friendly plants and flowers like bamboo and gerbera daisies!  For those no-pet plants you can’t live without, try hanging them out of your furry friend’s reach.  Cat nip is a great alternative and fun way to keep your cat distracted from other houseplants, while feeding your dog clean cooked green vegetables can help curb their craving for the leafy greens in your living room.g
  6. Around the House: Eureka Pet Lover Lightweight Vacuum! Your pet leaves their mark where they walk. Whether it be fur, dander or a paw print, every owner needs to stay on top of keeping it cleaned up.  Fortunately for you, Eureka has created the Pet Lover Lightweight Vacuum!  It loosens, grabs and sucks your pet mess from your carpet and upholstery!  This too-good-to-be-true vacuum eliminates pet odor and allergens so the whole family can live in sparkling clean space!g

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