Puppy Hiccups: Tips To Cure!

Has your dog or puppy ever waited impatiently for you to put their bowl of food down and then scarfed it up like it might have been their last? Or has your furry friend ever been so excited to see you come home they start jumping and barking simultaneously? If you answered yes to either question, your four-legged companion has probably had a classic case of dog hiccups!




You probably haven’t noticed your pet hiccuping because most people don’t! It is mostly common in puppies and usually is undiagnosable because dog hiccups can be disguised as involuntary actions or heavy breathing.

Now that we know dog hiccups exist, how do you cure your pet of them? If you do start to hear your pup hiccup, have no fear, the cures are right here:

1. Just like us, have your puppy drink water, just not upside down on their heads…




2. Have your dog slow down while eating. You can even try hand feeding them to help control the amount of air they swallow while chomping, but make sure to watch your fingers.

What's in your Dog's bowl?

3. Sometimes puppies can get hiccups when they are cold, so a good old snuggle session can help!




4. Stress can also cause dog hiccups. Try advising your dog to stop working so late at the office and the hiccups should subside.


5. If your pup has frequent hiccups, monitor what they are eating and what foods cause them! Spicy foods are known to cause dog hiccups, so maybe lay off feeding your pup the leftovers you drowned in hot sauce.

Dogs have a different definition for "yummy"!

6. Dogs can also get hiccups when they are trying to get you to pay attention to them. An easy cure would be to give your puppy more time in the day!


7. Second hand smoke, or any inhalation of smoke or fumes, can cause your companion to get the hiccups. The only sound cure for this would be not to some around your pets!


8. Hiccups, in rare cases, can be triggered by a stomach problem your dog might be experiencing. Whatever you do, don’t give them benzodiazepines or muscle relaxers because those medications can also cause hiccups!


9. Lastly, whatever you do, don’t try to scare them out of your four-legged friend! Shock and fear can cause them in the first place!


If none of these seem to work for the air trapped in your dogs diaphragm, just wait it out because they should go away soon after they start!  If not be sure to consult your Veterinarian!


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