Spring Pet Cleaning! Designing A Spotless Home!


Dog and cat parents are known to disagree at times, but one thing America’s 78 million dog parents and 94 million cats can agree on is having a pet affects the way you design, clean and function in your home. From pet hair to scratches on floors, doors and windows, it is a lot of work maintaining a home that is practical for both pets and people. But hope is out there, and the market for home products designed with pets and people in mind is growing. Wendy Diamond, Pet Lifestyle Expert and author of It’s a Dog’s World has the purr-fect tips for a pet-friendly home, from toys to beds, filters to pet-safe home décor. Don’t work like a dog, with a little guidance and doggie diligence having a pet-friendly home can be super easy.

1. Dog chew – Kong
Have your dog chew on dog treats and toys instead of your shoes! Don’t worry about your favorite pair of shoes; instead, give them a delicious dog treat or chew that’s made for their digestive system and will even help fight cavities! Kong makes amazing chew toys made of super bouncy rubber that will keep your pooch occupied happily. Shaped like little snowmen, you can even stick a treat inside these Kong chew toys for a little extra incentive. Not only will these toys keep your dogs’ attention for hours and away from your shoes, they also have different Kongs for different dogs- smaller versions for puppies, softer chews for seniors, and extremely bouncy toys for the most ambitious of chewers.

2. Land’s End Pet Bed
A pet-friendly home needs to have a pet-friendly bed. Pet beds are easy to get and are an inexpensive luxury your pet will love you for. Finding a comfortable dog bed that doesn’t clash with your home décor can be difficult. An amazing pet bed that also looks great with your home is Land’s End’s pet bed. They’re contemporary, have eye-catching colors and designs, perfect for your pet and your home.

3. Accu-Clean Whole-Home Filtration System
Spring brings a whole new set of challenges to pet parent and allergy sufferers. Not only does spring mean more allergens, but pet fur attracts dust, airborne particles and allergens. One great way to tackle this is by installing the AccuClean Whole-Home Filtration System by American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, which can remove up to 99.98% of airborne particles! This is the perfect pet-parent home item, and it’s pet-friendly. About 10 percent of pets also suffer from allergies, and with the AccuClean system, cleaning up the dust, dander and allergens will help both pet and pet parent feel more refreshed this Spring.


4. Pup-casso
A pet-friendly home shouldn’t be all about work and chores! Have some fun! Art-Casso makes an amazing and cute little product for pet and pet parents to enjoy. Their Pup-casso and Kitty-casso painting kits are non-toxic, mess-free, and comes ready to use out of the box. Who knows, maybe your pup will create the next Bona Lisa!

5. Whole Foods Market – Green Mission
Whole Foods is known for their healthy products and provide a line of toxic-free, eco-friendly, natural cleaning products called Green Mission. Toxins are truly detrimental to your pet’s well-being, and have been tied-in with animal cancer. Be safe and go all natural when choosing cleaning products! Woof – meow!

6. Enjoy Flameless Candles
Candles can accent any house, but a pet-friendly house does not have to miss out on this house décor magic. Pet parents can use Enjoy Flameless Candles in their condo, apartment, or homes and not have to worry about burning anything down. Most importantly, if your pets get nosey, they won’t get burnt or be in danger! Talk about a hot pet-friendly item!

7. Armstrong Flooring
Floors are very important for a pet-friendly home. Pet claws can cause a lot of scratches and wear and tear. Hard surface floors are best for pet parents, because carpet absorbs odors, catches fur and dust. Consider Alterna, a beautiful option from Armstrong Flooring. This premium vinyl tile floor is not only pet-friendly, it’s family friendly, since it’s scratch, wear, water and stain resistant. It’s also easy to clean. If you’re thinking about hardwood floors, make sure to pick a wood that’s hard enough to resist common causes of dents. Remember, no wood floor is totally scratch and dent resistant. There’s a Janka Hardness Rating which will let pet parents know how hard the floors are – the higher the number, the harder the wood species, and the more pet-friendly! Look for wood floors infused with liquid acrylic for a dramatically tougher floor. Even cherry—one of the softest hardwood species – becomes harder than oak that has not been infused. There are so many things to consider, a company like Armstrong Flooring makes it easy to find the right floor for you and your four-legged family members.

How does your home feel now? All it takes is a few solid investments and you and your pet will be cohabiting in perfect harmony. To learn more pet-friendly design techniques and products, check out AnimalFair.com!

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