Buckle Up! – National Pet Travel Safety Day


Did you see that poodle?



You and your pooch better buckle up – we’re about to take you through the streets of pet safety! Riding and driving around with your pets can be a fun experience, but it can be a stressful one too. Especially if you are someone who travels a lot with your pet, being aware of safety tips can ensure that you both stay out of harms way.


Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of car accidents that occur because a pet parent r is trying to calm down their pet, or the pet falls out the window. These situations can sometimes end up fatal but could’ve been prevented easily. Take a look at these pet travel safety tips to make sure you always enjoy the ride!


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1) Heads out the window is a no-no! Although it’s said that dogs love to stick their heads out the window (which they probably do) it’s advised to prevent it. Dogs can easily get hit with debris flying around outside. It’s always safer to have them look at the scenery through clear glass!

2) Always carry water. Especially if you are going long distance. Traveling with your pet can upset their stomach; fresh water will help the nausea and aid in preventing your pet from throwing up.

3) Don’t leave them alone. Never leave your pet alone in the car! Even if it’s for a few minutes always take the intuitive to bring your pet with you. Especially in hot and cold months, temperature will become harmful for the pet if it’s trapped inside the car. Also be aware – there are such things as pet thieves and they may see an opportunity!

4) Pit Stops are key. Always provide pitstops and breaks for your pet to use the bathroom. It’s never a good idea to hold it – whether you’re a pet or a pet parent!

5)The best approach is to either confine your pet to a cage if possible or have another adult in the car hold onto your pet while you drive. Your pet is at risk even if you think you have them under control on your lap. At a short stop they could go flying into the steering wheel or dashboard, keep in mind they weigh less than half of you!


Many states have regulated traffic and car laws to ensure that you arrive safely and in one piece. Don’t forget that the same applies to your pet! With these very easy to remember tips you will arrive to your destination in no times with your furry friend. Happy traveling!






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