The Do’s and Dont’s of Holiday Shopping For An Obsessed Dog Parent


DO know that all obsessed dog parents are very discriminating when it comes to toys and treats for their dog, so anything you buy for the dog must be carefully researched and considered.

DO assume that the dog (or more so the dog parent) has a signature color (and perhaps even a palette of choice.) This color of choice can often times be determined by their flat collar and lead, but know that they may have several. (Also note that even if a dog’s signature color is red, it might be a specific red, as in blue-red, and not orange-red.)

DO think carefully when it comes to doggy treats, as most dog parents are very strict when it comes to their dog’s diet. (They can give their dog junk food, but won’t think kindly if you bring their dog junk food.)

DO take into consideration the size of the dog that you are purchasing a gift for; big dogs play with big toys and small dogs play with small toys. When it comes to medium size dogs it is better to go bigger over smaller, as medium size dogs sometimes have complexes and prefer to think of themselves as big dogs, and small toys may offend them.


DON’T automatically assume that just because the obsessed dog parents that you’re shopping for will appreciate dog products featuring other breeds of dogs other than their own. Parents of say, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, might not appreciate a wall calendar featuring Labradors (probably as they don’t want to make their own dog jealous).

Spread some puppy love this Pawliday Season and donate a toy for a homeless animal!
Spread some puppy love this Pawliday Season
and donate a toy for a homeless animal!

DON’T think you know a person’s sense of fashion –   just because someone sells a sweatshirt that has a silkscreen picture of a Wheaten Terrier picture featured in a heart with the caption “I Love My Wheaten” that the owner of a Wheaten will wear such a thing (well, unless the Wheaten in the picture happens to be an actual picture of their dog – then they might wear it.)

Holiday pet shades!

DON’T feel that giving dog cash or a gift certificate is an impersonal gift. Truth be told, the obsessed parent and the dog would probably be happier picking out their own presents as opposed to having to pretend that they like whatever it is you got them.

Yorkie Having Fun With Henri Bendel gift boxes! - Photo by Ren Netherland
If you want to marry Lucky – You need to play by the rules!

Remember dogs do not care about price, they do not care about fashion – they are fine with last year’s leash and collar so this Holiday celebrate with more play time and puppy love!

Happy Holidays! Remember to ADOPT!

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