Pets Are Being Framed This Autumn (For Photos They Didn’t Take!)





So why not frame the photos of your pet like you do with your family? The beautiful fall foliage is about to be in full force, and the perfect time to take photos of your family and pets. By putting a simple frame around your pet’s picture, you’re elevating your pet to the same status as other family members with photos hanging on the wall, which no doubt will encourage your pet to feel like part of the family.

Dog in Leaves

Many people don’t frame their pictures because they don’t know how to pick the perfect frame and mat for their photo. It is actually quite easy given simple instructions and economically-savvy. First, you want to decide whether to have a mat with your frame and photo at all. A mat is there as a border for your photo. The mat’s color should be complimentary to the colors in the photo, or it could be the same color you would like to accentuate in the photo, like your pup’s eyes! If the photo is black and white, the mat should be black, white or a shade of grey.



Beautiful woman and her dog (Labrador retriever)

After you make your matting choice, you want to pick a frame that goes with your room, and the photo. You must decide whether this frame will be a natural wood, painted wood or metal. The color and design of this frame should also compliment the photo in some way, and should not detract from the photo. The most important thing to remember, is that the mat and frame is there to compliment the picture, not to distract the viewer from the main focal point – the memorable photograph of your pet!


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