10 Things Your Dog Hates! Must Read!

Let’s face it. Your dog is your best friend. But would you believe that you are more than likely annoying your best friend every day? Don’t feel bad! You’re not the only one. The first step to not annoying your dog is by just trying to understand them! I mean could you imagine being annoyed by someone every day but you can’t tell them how to stop?! Torture! Again, don’t worry. We’ll fix this. Soon you’ll be the envy of all your pooch’s friends. They’ll be wishing their parents were as cool!!




  1. Petting Your Dog

Okay. Okay. Calm down. You in fact are able to pet your dog without annoying them. However, typically petting them on their heads can be slightly irritating. Could you imagine your best friend petting you on your head every time you hang out? The same weird emoji face you’d use on them is the exact same one your dog is using. However some dogs are more tolerant of this than others and this is where body language comes into play. If you know for a fact that your dog loves this because they follow you around the house once you’ve stopped then by all means continue this behavior! However if your dog tends to shy away from this try something else out, like scratching behind their ears or rubbing their bellies. Just like your best friend you can compromise and basically just learn what they like and dislike. Remember this is one serious relationship!!


  1. Hugging Your Dog

As human beings we LOVE hugs. We hug as a way to greet, we hug to console, we even hug to say goodbye. We do it with people we like and depending on the situation we even do it with people we hate. Haha!! (It’s sad but true.) But believe it or not, dogs don’t hug. When was the last time you saw your dog hug another dog? Exactly! Now here are the reasons why you shouldn’t hug your dog. Because it’s uncomfortable! Again, take this with a grain of salt. If your dog loves hugs and if he embraces you back (the best way a dog can) then keep hugging him. But if he tenses up or tries to run away, starts breathing heavier, or anything that could be a reaction to stress then I would suggest that you stop with the long embraces.

dogs hugging cute

  1. Looking Your Dog In The Eye

 When it comes to communication, we human beings see it as very necessary to look each other in the eyes when having a conversation. It’s seen as a way of being both polite and respectful but it is safe to say that sometimes it can make things a bit awkward, especially during long conversations or with someone you don’t know very well. The same goes for dogs. The only difference is since they are animals they express their discomfort differently by either walking away, barking, or tensing up. In fact it can make some dogs extremely uncomfortable especially if you are scolding them simultaneously. Awkward…


  1. Boring Walks

 Now believe me I know how tiring work can be and how at the end of a long day the last thing you want to do is go on a long walk with your pooch. You want them to do their business and be done with it! Right? Well I can definitely tell you that your dog will hate you for it. Dogs love to explore and smell the roses… and the trees, and the trash, and other dogs! Haha! My advice to you is to just let them, even if it’s just for a few minutes. They’ll love you for that. Remember how you felt as a child when mom wouldn’t let you explore the supermarket? Well don’t be like that. Let them see and sniff whatever their heart desires.



  1. Loud/ Scary Environments

 Think of your pooch as a precious and sensitive baby. Dogs can be just as sensitive. They can get extremely scared around loud noises such as fireworks, obnoxiously loud music, or loud house parties. They appreciate the silence and for the noise levels to be kept at a reasonable volume. Don’t be boring. Just be a bit more courteous.


  1. Being Too Spontaneous & Disorganized

 Dogs, like human beings appreciate a certain amount of organization and routines. Your dog will grow very tired of not knowing when his next meal will be or when he will be able to go outside for his doggy break. Just like a baby is kept on a schedule to avoid crankiness and irritability a dog does too. He’ll extremely appreciate it. Trust me.


  1. Talking Too Much

 You may forget sometimes but your dog doesn’t understand what you’re saying. They can associate certain words with certain nouns or actions but overall they are not great at holding conversations… therefore make sure you are using body language! If you are angry, don’t tell them. Show them. They are not trying to disobey you nor are they dense. You can just be very confusing without realizing it. Your mouth may be saying stop while your body is saying come closer. Just imagine how frustrated that would make you!


  1. Forced Play-dates

 Speaking as a human being who doesn’t love every person in the world I can say that forced play-dates and gatherings are no fun. I’m sure you’ve experienced this. A tip is to avoid this when it comes to your dog. You don’t want a dogfight to breakout at a friend’s house or in the middle of a dog park. If your dog isn’t responding well to another dog make sure you get them away from that dog ASAP.

puppies playing

  1. Teasing

Please don’t tease your dogs people. It’s not advised that you taunt or tease any dog whether it is yours or not. It’s not only frustrating for the dog but it is very mean. Love them and if you don’t love them just keep walking. If you can’t interact nicely then don’t interact at all.


  1. Neglect

 The biggest thing that dogs hate is feeling anything less than loved. Don’t forget to feed them, bathe them, allow them plenty of time to sleep, give them lots of love and attention, and to play with them. They require a lot of work and dedication just like a friendship. The only difference is that your dog needs you. As long as you keep these things in mind your dog will love you unconditionally, stay loyal to you, and be there to give you love whenever you need it.



If this article has convinced you to adopt a furry friend then contact your local shelter for details.



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