French Foods That Are Not BONE- Appetit!

Bonjour Bastille Day!
Happy Bastille Day!



Bonjour mon amies! Today is a special day for the French… it’s Bastille day, otherwise known as the French National Day! But that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the holiday too! If you’re a big fan of either the country of France, or even just French food, today is the perfect excuse to gorge on all things ‘tres bien’! Though it’s fun to celebrate these kinds of holidays with your pooch (today especially if you have a French poodle), there are certain foods you MUST not give your dog. Here’s a list of foods that are not ‘bon appetit’ for your pup!


1) French Bread.



Wanna play French fetch?
Wanna play French fetch?



Bread is TOXIC to dogs; any kind of bread. The yeast in it can expand and create gas in their digestive system. This is VERY DANGEROUS to the dog because it can lead to pain and possible rupture of the spleen or intestines. So as delicious as that french baguette is to you, don’t be tempted to share it no matter how long it is.


2) French Fries.



Please can I have my happy meal? I'm happy see?
Can I have my happy meal now?



This seems like common sense, but many people still think that dogs cannot eat whatever their pet parents can. French fries, however are not recommended for your pups, whether they’re French Poodles or not. Now, notice that they aren’t toxic. A few fries dropped on the floor won’t kill your dog. But the grease and salt and all the fat involved have no nutritional purpose when it comes to dogs, and tend to give them gas or upset their stomach.


3) French Wine.



Ewww gross!
Can I dine instead of wine?



Really? This shouldn’t even be a question. Alcohol is BAD FOR YOUR PUP. But for those of you who are wondering, here’s the scoop. Dogs are MUCH more sensitive to ethanol and the chemicals in alcohol, causing even a teensy tiny amount to get them extremely intoxicated. Since alcohol offers the same side effects on dogs, severe intoxication should be monitored by a vet.



4) French Onion Soup



puppy eat from bowl
Mmmmm tastes like chicken!



While a piping hot bowl of French Onion Soup may sound amazing on a rainy day in, it’s probably best avoided for your pup. Many animal  professionals and veterinarians, as well as the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, strongly suggest about letting your pet have any amount of either onion or garlic; both of which are ingredients in this yummy dish. These foods can cause hemolytic anemia in your pet, which messes with your dogs blood cells and makes them very sick. Want to still give your pup some soup? Stick to the classics: chicken soup broth is still delicious and a much healthier alternative.



5) French Toast



Maybe they won't see me...
Maybe they won’t see me…



We’re back to the bread. While it may seem healthier for your dog since you can choose a whole grain variety, or only give them one slice rather than a ridiculously long roll, there’s still yeast in French Toast and it’s important to remember that that is the ingredient which is dangerous to dogs. In moderation and small pieces, this treat would kill your dog- but make sure it’s as plain and simple as you can possibly make it! This delicious dish only gets worse for your pup as you add on the details; syrup, sugar, chocolate chips… all of that is sugar, and it’s just downright bad for your dog.


And there you have it folks! Bastille Day is fun, and you can still celebrate with your pup, but keep the food and drinks to yourself! Instead, dress them up, enter a dog costume contest, go to a parade – they may not be able to eat French food, but your pup will LOVE being able to Can-Can with the dancers!



Baby Hope sure can Can-can with the best of 'em on Bastille Day!
Baby Hope sure can Can-can with the best of ’em on Bastille Day!



Our piece of advice: If you don’t want to spend the French national holiday at the vet’s office,  don’t wine and dine your pet!

Looking for a fantastic and furry way to celebrate the French National Holiday? Adopt a French poodle! They’re friendly, playful, and downright beautiful dogs! Learn more about them, and find a shelter near you HERE!


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