Winery Dogs: Woof-Friendly Mumm Napa Vineyards

Mumm Napa: “One of the best tasting experiences in America”
Mumm Napa: “One of the best tasting experiences in America”

When you think of a winery you think of lush green vineyards with row after row of crisp tasty abundance. You dream of barrel after barrel of wine stacked on top of one another holding what certainly tastes like heaven. You envision bottles of red and white filled with the exquisite vintage tastes of the past. But you don’t think of dogs, do you? Animal Fair has supplied you with four wineries and an importer that will give you a taste of their best Merlot and a look at their cast of canine connoisseurs.

Mumm Napa 

Mumm Napa of Rutherford, California, is conveniently located in majestic Napa Valley, where only exquisite tastes like these could be created. The Wine Enthusiast Magazine calls Mumm Napa “One of the best tasting experiences in America.” Mumm Napa offers a variety of wines and sparkling wines to satisfy the pickiest of palates. Their signature sparkling wines are meticulously created with artful winemaking techniques and carefully selected grapes from Napa Valley.

Mumm Napa has a beautiful patio and tasting room with views of the vineyards and the mountains. Guests visit this patio to relax and taste Mumm’s exquisite selection of wines. Their guests and club members return year-after-year with their dogs to enjoy a glass of bubbly. “We figured our two-legged guests were getting something to drink, then we might as well take care of our four-legged friends with water and dog cookies,” says Kathy McClure, Director of Hospitality at Mumm.

This woof-woof friendly winery has so many regular dog visitors that they are producing a dog product line including a Mumm Napa leash, collar, and collapsible water bowl. They will also carry a chamomile/lavender dog shampoo for their guests.

“The staff at Mumm Napa have always been very sensitive to dog owners that hate to leave their dogs in hot cars while they’re wine tasting and in fact they encourage guests to bring their dogs in,” says McClure. The dogs are allowed for many reasons; the staff all love them and strangers sitting on the patio seem to open up and talk to each other more often when dogs act as a catalyst. If you’re having a wonderful experience tasting wine on the patio at Mumm Napa, you want to share it with those who are important to you, like your dog, friends and family.

In addition to the best tastes in wines, Mumm Napa is committed to fine art photography and exhibits the work of many renowned as well as local photographers in its expansive galleries. Mumm Napa offers tours of the winery and daily tastings, where their knowledgeable tasting room staff serve you at your table and provide informative descriptions of wines. Mumm Napa is purely elegant, delightfully festive and truly Napa Valley.

Mumm Napa

PO Drawer 500

8445 Silverado Trail

Rutherford, CA 94573


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