Simple Spring Cleaning Tips To Groom Your Pet!

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Want your pet to look as good as Baby Hope? Well you’re in luck! Pet perfect grooming can be accomplished in a few easy steps regardless of your level of experience! In New York City, some salons are charging over a hundred dollars to groom your dog! With prices so astronomically high, Lucky insisted that I share my guide to at home grooming so that you can get the look without lightening your wallet! Lucky has rigorously tested and approved all of these methods and products, and as the world’s most photographed dog, it’s safe to say that her word is worth taking!


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1. Even if your dog has a short coat, it is still important to help your pet stay cool in the hot, spring and summer weather! You may want to try a short summer cut, but no matter what your best friend’s breed may be, regular brushing is a must. Long-haired dogs usually need to be brushed daily or every other day to prevent matting and tangling while medium-haired dogs need to be brushed weekly. One great grooming tool is The Dyson Groom tool, it’s a mess-free accessory that let’s you vacuum up lose hair and dander directly off of your dog as you groom; before it ends up on the floor or the couch. It helps capture and retain allergens, so it’s good for allergy sufferers too. Suitable for medium or long-haired dogs, it fits easily on to the hose of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Check it out at! While it’s not dirt cheap, the $69.99 is guaranteed to pay for itself!


2. Human scissors will work for a quick trim—especially during the Spring and Summer months when your dogs coat may weigh it down. Normal scissors can get the trimming that you need done to keep your pet kept and clean! And they allow for precision that cannot be obtained using traditional dog grooming clippers and brushes. Don’t be afraid to do a little detail work to get your pet looking their best.


3. A shower a day makes your dog look like a stray! Cleanliness is very important for pets (and their pet parents), but bathing a dog too often will dry out its coat and cause skin irritation. Most dogs should be bathed about once every one to two months. Look to the Hartz brand of pet grooming products. Their shampoo, and conditioner, all reduce shedding while enriching your pet’s coat. Don’t have any pet products lying around? Look no further than your own shower; the Aveda brand of hair products are all pet friendly and are perfect if you find yourself in a bath time bind!



4. Now you have the shampoo—but how to bathe your beloved pet? An easy way to bathe your dog is with RapidBath! HydroSurge makes a new home pet bathing system that is easy for both pets and their parents. The HydroSurge RapidBath saves time, money, and headaches and is available for $49.95! For more information visit


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5. You can groom your dog’s paws at home, even if it feels im-paw-sable! When trimming your dog’s nails, take it slowly or even do it over several sessions to keep the stress level down for both pet and pet parent. Pets can get all sorts of things onto their paws when they go outside or on walks. Wipe your pet’s paws when they enter the house to protect your floors and avoid chaffing or getting raw. This also helps prevent your pup from licking bacteria and filth from the bottoms of their feet.




Grooming your pet at home isn’t just a great way to save some money, but it can be a wonderful chance to bond with your furry friend! Your pet will look and smell great, and be pest free after just a little grooming. With these tips your pet will be ready for to face the rest of the spring and summer heat in style!

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