Behind The Scenes With Kermit And Miss Piggy!!



Did you ever wonder where Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy live when they’re not working on the Muppet Show set? The two have graced the big and little screen for decades delighting us all with their rumored romance and outrageous adventures.

Much is known about the unlikely couple, but little has been said about their lives at home and the décor in which they delight. Animal Fair caught up with the busy celebrities and found out how the Muppet stars show off their A-list style.




Kermit divides his time between a pad in the city and a lily pad in the swamp. His urban roost features natural materials and relaxing green and brown tones that evoke comfort and serenity. He’s even added a few houseplants to remind him of his home sweet swamp.

Like many city dwellers, Kermit keeps his bicycle in the living room, a reminder of his preferred mode of transportation. The walls are covered with paintings – landscapes of swamps from back home.

Kermit’s home office is where he displays his many awards and honors. Photos of the Frog with some of the biggest stars of the 20th century including Bob Hope, Steve Martin, Elton John, Harry Belafonte and Gene Kelly line the walls, but it is an autographed picture of Miss Piggy that is most prominent. “She put it up – and she used superglue to hang it,” says Kermit.

Kermit’s bedroom is cozy. The floor is carpeted with plush, dark green, wall-to-wall carpet which he loves to walk on bare-flippered. Although he usually wears just a collar, Kermit has assembled quite a wardrobe of tailored suits, sport coats, and casual wear, most of which he purchased at the Short and Spindly Shop. Style-setting is reserved for work-related activities and formal events, however, keeping the famous Frog in less glitzy garb most of the time.

Kermit’s one luxury is a large bathtub with a Jacuzzi. After all, he is an amphibian.



Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy has come a long way from her humble beginnings. The superstar pig has gone from “Sty” to STYLE!!!

Her living room is best described as a mix of classy style and over-the-top ostentatious. She likes antiques, but prefers “to buy the new stuff, after all, moi can afford to buy new.” The furniture reflects its owner – the chairs and sofas are overstuffed and very comfortable. On the walls hang some of Miss Piggy’s art masterpieces from Kermitage collection – classic works of art featuring herself and her beloved Kermit.

When asked to describe her kitchen, Miss Piggy responded: “Hmmm… Moi am pretty sure I have one, but I don’t think moi has actually ever been there.”

Miss Piggy’s bedroom is her sanctuary.

She loves to recline on her enormous circular bed and snack on a wide variety of decadent treats and spends endless hours preening herself at her custom-built vanity. The mirror, like all mirrors in Piggy’s home, is a specially built “skinny mirror” designed to flatter the face and figure.

The master bath is a luxurious display of marble and mirrors, and features an enormous tub built for soaking and a medicine cabinet that is glued shut to deter snooping house guests. One item that is conspicuously absent from Piggy’s powder room is a scale.

Miss Piggy recently converted her walk-in closet to a “drive-through” closet. A golf cart zips her through rows of “haughty couture” and hundreds of custom-made designer fashions, but she still complains about having nothing to wear.

A small wall safe behind a portrait of Kermit hides Miss Piggy’s precious including her trademark pearls and a ring she describes as “B.K. – Before Kermit.” Miss Piggy’s measurements are the combination of the safe – and she has always kept those numbers top secret.




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