Billionaire Nigerian Heiress and Napoleon the Boston Terrier


Bim and Napoleon
Bim and Napoleon, who is wearing Bim’s mother’s necklace

As if it wasn’t enough to be a rising pop star and an heiress, Abimbola “Bim” Fernandez, is a mom! To her Boston Terrier, Napoleon, that is.

The French born, Edinburgh educated, daughter of Deinde Fernandez, a Nigerian tycoon said to be worth $8.7 billion, is not interested in buying her way into fame and fortune (or emailing her way in like so many princes and rich uncles). Instead she wants to make her own way, saying “if you want to do it, work for it and do it.”

Fernandez  first dreamed of being a pop star as a teenager, but it was not until the death of her mother of colon cancer, last May that she began to believe in the significance of treating everyday as special. This put her on the path to signing with SMH records and shooting a pilot of a new reality show about her life and the making of a pop icon, which will definitely show off not only her talent but Napoleon, who she says “has a part in everything.”Growing up Fernandez cared for a chocolate lab, named Brody, and a yorkie, but after she had to part with them, her mother gave her Napoleon. She had wanted a “purse dog” but now she thinks her “sturdy” and stubborn pup is perfect, even if he is “really, really, really picky.”She called him her best friend and the pair seems completely inseparable, sharing not just her bed, but meals. She said that when she goes out she  gets doggie bags for her doggie!

This is certainly only the beginning rising diva Fernandez and her Nicki Minaj-like pooch!

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