PAWDICURE – Tips On Grooming Senior Pets

When you have a geriatric dog, it can be difficult to keep them looking their best, but Madison, NJ Elite Pet Spa & Boutique owner Olga Zablinskaya has great tips to keep your pet looking great at any age!

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Almost ready for her close-up!

Zablinskaya is a Certified Master Groom and 2008 GroomTeam USA member, often styling competitors for the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club and Eukanuba Dog Shows. Her pet spa also offers relaxing treatments like mud wraps and all-natural hair coloring services, so you can keep your pet looking and feeling like a hot young thing, even if they’re starting to get on in years.

Wendy and Lucky sat down with Zablinskaya to get some pointers for reducing the stress of grooming appointments for sick and ageing animals. Read on to find out how you can benefit for this master groom’s expertise!

WD: What advice can you give the parents of older pets who want to keep their animals looking great?

OZ: The most important thing for older pets is that they are kept out of stressful situations, so it’s best to call your groomer to come in for a house call. Your dog will react better to pampering if they’re in a safe, familiar space!

WD: Are there any treatments you don’t recommend for geriatric pets?

Fancy Cat Groom

OZ: The biggest thing is to file their nails rather than cutting them, or using a noisy dremel. Cutting their nails can cause a lot of unhealthy anxiety for an older pet. It’s also important to use warm water and all-natural products, as their skin can be very sensitive.

WD: If they’re going to have multiple treatments, is it a good idea to do them all at once?

OZ: Definitely not! For pets that are sick, or a bit older, it can be too much to put them through hours of beauty treatments. It’s a better idea to break it up into several shorter sessions.

dog grooming
dog grooming

WD: Do you use any special products for animals with cancer?

OZ: As long as the products are all-natural and free of toxins, any product works fine. I tend to use products with a lot of natural herbs, which can be very helpful.

WD: How do you groom dogs that suffer from arthritis?

OZ: We usually have an assistant hold them, or use a special restriction system to reduce pressure on their hips and knees. We also let them have time to relax during the grooming process instead of forcing them to remain still for a long time. I always recommend that my clients whose pets suffer from arthritis keep them at a healthy weight and talk to their vets about glucosamine supplements, which can really help lubricate the joints so they can move with less pain.

WD: How many pets at home do you groom?

OZ: I have 5 dogs, 3 parrots, and some fish. Four of my dogs are poodles – Grace, Geeba, Gucci, and Dior; the fifth is a Bichon Frise named Tiffany. I guess you can tell by their names that I’m a fashionista!

Wheaten Terrier Award

If you’re in the Tri-State area and you want to give your furry fashionista a special day of pampering, head to one of the Elite Pet Spa and Boutique’s two locations, in Madison and Morris Plains, NJ for one of their signature treatments, like an aqua massage, blueberry facial, or a Paw-Diqure – complete with nail polish! Visit to learn more.



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