Visit “Art to the Rescue” And Help Save Shelter Animals!


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The Emmanuel Fremin Gallery and the Marlborough Gallery are hosting the “Art to the Rescue” exhibition of celebrities and contemporary artists that donated original objects and art pieces for an upcoming live auction, benefiting the Animal Care Centers of New York and John Bartlett’s Tiny Tim Rescue Fund! All proceeds from the event will be donated to provide shelter animals the proper medical attention, care, and affection they require, so they can be placed in permanent and loving homes.




MobyMick Jagger, and Julian Lennon , Antoine RoseDavid Rodriguez CaballeroDrew TalAhmet GunestekinAntoine VerglasNathan Vincent, and fashion designer Katya Leonovich, are among the many celebrities and artists that have donated to the event!




“I realized a long time ago the great harm that people do to animals in the name of fashion, food, and pure breeds,” says Emmanuel Fremin. “I can’t stop people in the street from wearing fur, buying the new crocodile Birking bag, or shopping for a puppy instead of adopting. So I do what I know best: spreading the word through art. It’s important for me, because if I can make a few people change the way they see animal welfare then I’ve done what matters.”



Clothes designer, animal advocate, and founder of Tiny Time Rescue Foundation reveals the inspiration for his animal shelter, “Tiny Tim was my beloved three-legged Rottweiler/lab/pit rescue. When he died, three years ago, I started a foundation called The Tiny Tim Rescue Fund, which raises money for independent rescue groups who are pulling dogs and cats from high-kill shelters. It also helps to support shelters that are no-kill and helps pay for vet bills, which can be daunting. Ten percent of everything sold from my online store goes to the fund. It is exciting to meet people who are doing the selfless work of rescue. I am thrilled to be able to contribute to their efforts in any way possible.”




We want “to raise enough money so the Animal Care Centers of New York can deploy more time and people on taking care of the hundreds of cats and dogs brought to their shelters weekly,” Emmanuel says. “John Barlett, with his Tiny Tim Rescue Foundation, will be able to offer medical attention, training, and fostering to countless dogs as well.”


“Art to the Rescue” will be held at the Marlborough Gallery, 40 West 57th Street in New York City, on Friday, April 15, 2016 from 6-8pm. There will be cocktails, a live and silent auction, and animals up for adoption. To purchase tickets to this exclusive event helping animals in NYC click here!


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