In Honor of Fashion Week! Designer Roberto Negrin’s Couture Has Gone To The Canines!

 Hec-lin Designs for Dogs by Roberto Negrin is a canine couture line showcasing elegant gowns for dogs and their pet parents. Negrin was inspired to design by his Poodle, Hec-lin, after his dog won a design costume contest in New York City. When Negrin designed a Pope Costume for Karen Biehl and her dog Eli worn at Animal Fair Media’s annual Halloween Canine Costume Party, the press went crazy and Negrin’s design company took off! The rest as they say is canine couture history!

Animal Fair Media’s Wendy Diamond met up with Roberto Negrin as he designed her stunning pink gown, and Lucky’s outfit for Lucky’s Fairy Tail Bridal Shower this week!

WD:  What inspired you to become a doggie clothes designer?

RN:  My Poodle Hec-lin and my love of fashion. We wanted to participate in a beauty pageant for dogs, and since we weren’t t able to afford something that matched our taste so I asked my mom to make it. She doesn’t care for dogs much but she has amazing sewing skills. She designed an outfit that was runner up for the crown!

As time passed we started going to more dog-related events.  I wanted my dog to look her absolute best, so I convinced my mother to teach me how to use the sewing machine. People started to ask me who made her clothing and when I told them I was doing it myself the people started to place orders with me.

One special event that was instrumental in getting my name out there as a pet fashion designer was the Animal Fair Media Halloween Costume Party. I designed a Pope Costume for Karen Biehl and her dog Eli; the press went crazy and my unexpected business started. In NYC due to the season changes we dress up our dogs and my job is make the dogs clothes as fun as possible.

WD:  Which high-profile global dog do you desire to dress?

RN:  I would say the presidential dog; “Bo”. I dream of meeting Obama and I think dressing Bo would give me a better chance. But deep inside me I believe every dog deserves to get dressed up and have a loving home.

WD:  If you were to compare yourself to an iconic fashion designer, who would it be?

RN:  I would say the flavor and color palettes of Oscar de la Renta mixed with the architectural elements of Alexander McQueen.

WD:  What four legged animals now reside in your couture doghouse?

RN:  I have four rescue dogs; Hec-lin a 5-year- old toy Poodle. She’s my first dog and a great inspiration.  She was left in a vet clinic in Queens when she was only three weeks young with health problems. We prevented them from putting her down. We provided Hec-lin with therapy for three months and now she’s a professional health dog model.

My DJ is four-year-old Chihuahua, given to me by a friend. Since that day he never left and has a permanent place in my heart and home. Sweet Abby is a three-year-old Yorkie/mix, who was on sale to support her mom’s knee surgery. And Athena is a one and a half year old Chihuahua I adopted from a Canadian animal rescue group.  She originally had a respiratory illness and hypoglycemia, and now is healthier than ever.

WD:  Do you specifically design and dress up all your dogs?

RN:  Yeah, all my dogs enjoy dressing up, from a simple dress to the most elaborate costumes with masks, head pieces, and shoes. They also have their own modeling careers, and have been featured on TV, and in magazines, books and calendars. They might just be rescue dogs and not AKC materials, but they are my soul and keep my motor running…

WD:  Are they your design muses?

RN:  My dogs are my furry muses, I get so creatively inspired by nature when we go for long walks.

To see Wendy & our beloved Lucky Diamond in an original Roberto Negrin design at Lucky’s Fairy Tail Bridal Shower visit: Lucky’s Fairy Tail Bridal Shower – Tea, Tails & Tiffany’s!:

Our Beloved RIP Lucky and Wendy Diamond in their Custom Designs

For more information on Hec-lin Couture for Dogs by Roberto Negrin visit:  WWW.HEC-LIN.COM


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